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Sun 17/11/19 17:04 UTC
Sun 17/11/19 17:04 UTC
Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 5,638
Wolf Offline OP
Wolf  Offline OP
Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 5,638
The Heartwood
Dawnview Vale
Highbeck Glacier
Attaday, the Eighth Day of Horse

Daxia, Morning Star and the Starwatcher


"Words are good. Eventually, even ironsilver chips."

She took a breath, content that while she had not heard from the stars above, someone had.

"Da. Starwatchers, we can talk to our Sisters. Nizhentska much better than I. Has time to sit, to listen. Then repeats to children. My task is Clock. Keep running, watch night skies, write down who, where, how they follow in Lady's footsteps. That, sadly, far too much work.

"Some days, come to watch Her rise, find little Nizzy curled up tight, tears frozen on cheeks. Some days, can’t stop laughing. Some days, like Niz just have good day talking to friend.

"Odd... never asked her to take up task.

"Our little snowflake does not have to dare wrath of broken Clock.

"For all complaining, chooses to."

Grandmother took a breath at that, looking down toward the village.

"Da. Time to meet other granddaughter. Tell her not to grow up like Grandmother. Life too short to spend alone, da? Only bad god, bad goddess wants those that follow be sad, empty. Think that is why, over three ages, bad gods people cannot get rid of us.

"They must hate that."

Carefully making sure she doesn't slip on any ice, Grandmother started down the stairs, towards the warmth of the snow-buried village and her people.


"That is where Window is, granddaughter Witch. Perhaps correct question is for your generation, not mine. But that is all so serious. I must be honest, must admit..."

Daxia's grandmother had that wry grin again — knowledge, wisdom, and mischief all rolled into one.

"Must see.

"We have guests.

"What sort of trouble has Nizhentska gotten herself into?"

With that smile, she then continued down, toward, at the least, a warm breakfast.

Sun 17/11/19 17:26 UTC
Sun 17/11/19 17:26 UTC
Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 7,941
Kel Offline
Sower of Insanity
Kel  Offline
Sower of Insanity
Joined: Jul 2011
Posts: 7,941
Lord Protector, Her Ladyship Verchovai Daxia Yurisdotter
[Daxia serves DAYALA... the GM ESPECIALLY should get this right]

As her grandmother spoke of stars and a cousin and Eastern deities, Daxia had a new appreciation for the women who lived here near the top of the world. She definitely wanted to get to know her cousin better!

“Understand complaining about doing job meant to do for Dayala,” she admitted. “Bekkah not complain. Dazi complain!

“Sometimes.” She grinned sheepishly.

She nodded as they descended the stairs “Yah, Grandmother wise. Time for new generation to do work, ask questions, look for answers.”

And then Daxia raised an eyebrow. She’d been taught not to get into the sort of trouble that could be attributed to a mischievous nature or the influence of the Lady Fox. Grandmother took it in stride that Niz got herself into just that sort of trouble.

She wondered if there wasn’t a follower or two of Arylis among the Snow People.

It seemed reasonable to believe that the Snow People, like the rest of the people of Dawnview Vale, would follow not only Dayala but various other gods and goddesses — outside the Imperial pantheon, of course.

Dazi smiled to herself as she followed her grandmother to the Village Hall.

"Everything is bad except unicorns." -- Phoebe
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