Another of DreamLyrics' completed message games, OAHE featured all player characters as domestic cats.

A novel idea, inspired by The Secret of Cats, a Fate Core World of Adventure by Evil Hat Productions

Clearly a lot of fun was had, and just seeing cat pics being posted in the Gallery for character portraits was highly amusing from a lurker's pov.

The game started in October 2015 and ended in November 2017, giving it a running time of about 2 years. With 1632 game posts, that's a relatively relaxed 2 posts per day, making this more of a lighty than a shorty.

And it shows us yet another way that message games can be played, even over a period of years. What's important to completing a game isn't posting frequency, but regularity, and the secret to regularity is sustainability.

The average word count for game posts was 46, about a paragraph, which is a nice, easy amount of writing and still added up to around 74,408 words in total. About the same as Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

You get the sense that GM and players alike took a very cat-like approach to this one, taking their time and enjoying its lighthearted concept.

The GM, Pandemonium, will answer any of your questions here.