As you all probably know our current limit for the number of PM topics is 200. It is good to have a limit as otherwise we may exceed our storage capacity for the site. smile However I want to explain a recent problem that has occurred between two members where one has been unble to post to the other, even though their topics total suggests there is still some capacity left in the PM box. Apparently we can all have PM topics that have dropped into disuse and in some cases we cannot even still see them. This can occur when members leave the site and the system has no record of them any more.

We believe that the supplier of our software is aware and should be issuing a fix in an update but they seem to be very very slow at producing any.

So I think the best way to proceed would be to do a bit of housekeeping and keep our PM threads well away from the top limit.

Here are some of the things I do that may help you.

* I check my PM box once a week/month and delete any topics I no longer need.
* Once a topic has finished but there is information in it I may need later - say a chat with a GM about a character, some role-playing via PM etc. - I copy these to a Word file and save them onto my computer.
* Even as a fairly prolific gamer (check the Site Stats! grin ), a GM, a sysop and running/playing games like ACRO & 6 Takes which rely on PMs, I manage to keep my topics under 25 and therefore all on one page. It does make it =much= easier to find things. wink

We will let you know if we get any updates that correct this.

Last edited by Gypsy; Wed 29/08/18 12:46 UTC.