One of the nicest ways to select multiple recipients to a private message is to select from your Buddy List.

To create a Buddy List, go to the User List in the main task bar, click on the 'Display Name' to order the list alphabetically and then click on the member's name. Once in their profile, thete is a bar at the bottom of the first Profile area and 'Add to UBB Buddies' is the first option. Click this link. This option changes to 'Remove from UBB Buddies' after you have added that person so you can remove them later if you wish.

You might like to add a number of members, people you are likely to PM regularly. This feature could be useful for GMs to discuss issues with several players or for other groups such as our ACRO players.

Once you have set up your 'Buddies', go to 'My Stuff' and select 'Messages' then 'New Private Message' (Message tool bar top left). Now you can use the drop down arrow next to the 'Buddy List' box and select the buddy you want, clicking the 'Add' button and repeating until you have up to ten buddies that you want to PM. As you add then, their names will appear under the 'Add Recipient' box. Then send the message in the usual way.

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