The Dreamlyrics Calendar is a great way to keep track of your personal gaming events as well as site wide events. This FAQ should help you get the most from the calendar.

  • Click the 'Calendar' link. You can find it near the top of most pages. That will open the Calendar to the current month. You will be able to see events scheduled in each day box.
  • You can click on a specific date to get more details about the events scheduled for that day.
  • Below the Calendar is an area where you can select any month and year you would like to view. 'Dial in' the month and year and then click the “Jump” button to see the selected month.
  • Below the “Jump” button is the link to the section that allows you to enter your own events. Click “Add New Event” and you will be taken to the page where you can set up your event.
  • You need to enter an event 'Title'. The 'title' is what will be displayed in the Calendar window. Try to keep it short and to the point.
  • In the comments section you can add more information about your event. This information will be displayed in the list when you click on the event date.
  • Next you have to 'Dial in' the date for your event. Select a month, date and year.
  • You can make your event 'Recurring', either monthly or yearly by selecting the appropriate item from the drop down box.
  • Finally your event can be either 'public' or 'private'. If you do not want others to see your event, mark it 'private'. 'Public' events will be seen by all Dream Lyrics members.
  • When all of the information is correct, click 'Add Event' and your event is added.
  • If you need to change anything, you can edit your event.
  • From the Calendar click on the date for your event to get to the 'day' display. Find your event in the list. Click the link labeled 'Edit' for your event. You will see something that looks very much like the initial screen where you set the event up. Make any changes that you like in the various fields. When you are done, click 'Update Event' to post the changes. You can click the 'Preview' Button if you want to see how the changes will look.
  • You can want to cancel your event, you follow the same procedure as with Edit, but click the 'Delete' button on the lower right of the screen. You will need to confirm the delete, but then your event will be gone.

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