If you want access to the 'Age Restricted’ forums, you must send an email to the DreamLyrics Adult Access Sysops. The address to send to is sysops@dreamlyrics.com . This email should cover the following items which will be added to the forum documentation.
  1. You must state the name of your registered Dreamlyrics user id.
  2. You must specifically request access to the 'Age Restricted’ forums
  3. You must state the current age and birthday of both yourself AND ANYONE ELSE who may access the forum using your registered user name.
  4. You must state that you understand that the 'Age Restricted’ forums may contain messages which feature adult themes, including but not limited to swearing, violent and sexual scenes.
  5. You must state that you, and anyone else accessing the forum using your registered user name, are legally allowed UNDER THE LOCAL LAWS WHERE YOU RESIDE to view messages which include the aforesaid said adult themes.

The email must be sent from the same email address as listed in your registered user profile. If you change your email address in your profile for any reason, you must notify us of the change. Members who have an email address in their profile which differs from the one which sent us the request for adult access will have their access to the 'Age Restricted’ forums automatically removed.

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