Use the Main Menu Tool Bar to get around. This is always on show and will take you to:

- Forum List to access forums
- My Stuff to access Profile, Preferences, Private Messages and Watch Lists
- User List for other member information
- Calendar for those important dates
- Active Posts, which have two seemingly identical options: 'Active Topics' & 'Active Posts' both showing the last post in a topic that was posted in the last week. 'Unanswered Posts' shows the last unanswered posts from the last week. On all 3 you can select an option to display one or two days instead.
- Search allows you to type in one or more words (though it will return results on the individual words) and it will bring up a list of forums that contain your criteria. Opening the forum, you can see each instance highlighted in yellow.
- FAQ The official board FAQs


Just below the DreamLyrics banner on each page is a Navigation bar. Each part of this is a link and clicking on any part of it will take you to that forum on section or back to the main page.

The 'eye' on the DreamLyrics banner will also return you to the forums. smile

Your browser's back arrow will also return you to where you were last.

On the main Forums page, accessed via Forum List on the Main Menu Bar, you have several navigational lists to aid you:

- The forum title link takes you into the forum
- The Last Post link takes you to the last post

Once in a forum look for:

- The topic title to enter the topic
- The date and time of the last post to take you to that post
- the name of the member who last posted to take you to that member's profile

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