Shicargo Ladder Rules

For those Shicargo players who also toss the dice at the DreamLyrics Yahtzee tables, these rules will look very familiar to you.

The Shicargo Ladder is a way of comparing players performances over a series of games. Every player is automatically added to the ladder when they start their first game.

If you do well in a game you score points and move up the ladder.

If you do poorly you lose points and move down the ladder.

Boasting and Whining rights acrue according to the height or depth of your position.

  • Each player starts with 1000 ladder points. The total number of ladder points is always 1000 * the number of players in the ladder.
  • At the start of each game, each player in the game puts 100 points into the pot. These points are then distributed among the players at the end of the game dependent on their relative rankings in the game.
  • At the end of the game, the performance of each player is evaluated and the pot distributed as follows:

    1. The difference between a player's score and the lowest score is the player's spread.
    2. The sum of the players' spreads is the game spread.
    3. The player's performance rating is calculated as the (player's spread/game spread), expressed as a percentage.
    4. The player gets a percentage of the pot equal to their performance rating.
    5. All fractions are rounded down and the remaining points are distributed evenly among the top scoring players.

An example...

Shicargo Table A Game 1 ends with the following set of scores...
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial"></font><HR>
<font size="2" face="Courier">
         Score  Spread  Rating  Points  Bonus  Net Ladder Points
Weez       627     303   31.3%     187      1          88
Alduin     576     252   26.0%     156      1          57
Twilyte    564     240   24.8%     148      1          49
Lisa       442     118   12.2%      73              -  27   
AJ         378      54    5.5%      33              -  67
Gypsy      324       0    0.0%       0              - 100

         Game spread is 303 + 252 + 240 + 118 + 54 + 0 = 967

Missing Players
  • If a player quits in the middle if the game, their score stands as it is (it will probably end up being the lowest anyway).
  • If a player does not play in any games during any given calendar month, they forfeit 25% of their points which are evenly distributed between all other ladder players. [Extra points are allocated to the top ranking players.] The 25% loss of points is from their original score before they stopped playing, so if inactive for 4 months they will be removed from the ladder.