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#125725 Mon 05/05/03 12:03 UTC
Joined: May 2000
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Gypsy Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 71,710
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Painted Yahtzee

Painted Yahtzee is a dice game of a different color - challenging you to score according to number =and= color combinations! Multi-colored dice - blue, red, purple, green, and yellow - let you score dazzling combinations like 4 of a Color, a Painted House, a Rainbow, a Palette. Plus, there are number combinations, just as in Classic Yahtzee.

Painted Yahtzee is played according to the basic Yahtzee rules, with the following exceptions:

The Dice

Painted Yahtzee is played using five multi-colored dice with a different number on each side.

To roll the dice, use the dice roller in the usual way except instead of typing in d6,d6,d6,d6,d6 as you do for standard yahtzee, you type in py1,py2,py3,py4,py5

So the result of that roll might well look like this:

Gypsy rolled py1,py2,py3,py4,py5 and got PY1 = Green 2, PY2 = Red 2, PY3 = Blue 6, PY4 = Blue 1, PY5 = Yellow 2

Now as in standard Yahtzee, you get up to three rolls. However unlike standard Yahtzee you have to reroll =specific= dice. So in the case above, you could decide to keep green 2, red 2 and yellow 2, trying for 2s, you would have to type py3,py4 into the Dice Roll window.

The result would look like this in the dice roller:

Gypsy reroll blue 6, blue 1
Gypsy rolled py3,py4, and got PY3 = Yellow 5, PY4 = Green 5

Obviously this is a little more complicated than standard yahtzee but great fun once you get used to it!

I would like to standardise the entries in the Dice Roller though to make it as easy as possible to moderate. Please use the following:

Character: <Your on line name> eg Gypsy
Action Description: First roll or Second roll or Third roll
Dice Roll: The specific dice you are rolling
Game Turn: PYZ Game 1 Turn 1 (numbers as appropriate)


Number of Scoring Rounds

Painted Yahtzee has 20 scoring rounds. After each turn, you must place a score or a zero in one of the 20 scoring boxes. The boxes may be filled in any order you wish.


Upper Section

In the Upper Section, there are:

Score = total of dice with the same number. COLOURS DO NOT APPLY IN THIS SECTION.

This is just like standard yahtzee. You get a 35 bonus for getting a total of 63 or more, just the same.

Middle Section


Score = total of dice with the SAME COLOR.

Example: [DICE: BLUE 3, BLUE 1, BLUE 6, RED 5, YELLOW 1]

This would score a 10 in the "Blue" box, a 5 in the "Red" box, or a 1 in the "Yellow" box. If you get a total of 75 points or more in this section, you get a bonus of 25. This can be quite hard to do as you need to score an average of 15 in each colour.

Lower Section

In the Lower Section, there are:

4 of a Kind Score = total of all dice, just as in standard yahtzee. Please note there is no three of a kind.

4 of a Color Example: [DICE: RED 6, RED 2, RED 3, RED 4, GREEN 6] = 21 points. Score = total of all dice.

Full House (3 of one number, 2 of another) Score = 25 points. Just the same as standard yahtzee.

Example: [DICE: YELLOW 3, GREEN 3, PURPLE 3, RED 5, BLUE 5]

NOTE: May also be scored as either a 9 in "Threes" box, 10 in "Fives" box, or 19 in "Palette" box.)

Painted House (3 of one color, 2 of another) Score = 25 points.

Example: [DICE: GREEN 2, GREEN 3, GREEN 4, BLUE 1, BLUE 3]

Rainbow (5 different colors) Score = 35 points

Example: [DICE: RED 1, PURPLE 6, GREEN 4, YELLOW 6, BLUE 3]

Straight (Any sequence of 5 numbers) Score = 40 points

Example: [DICE: RED 2, PURPLE 3, GREEN 4, YELLOW 5, BLUE 6]

Flush (All the same color) Score = 45 points

Example: [DICE: RED 1, RED 2, RED 3, RED 4, RED 5]

NOTE: May also be scored as 21 points in "4 of a Color" box.)

Yahtzee (5 of a kind) Score = 50 points

Example: [DICE: RED 1, BLUE 1, GREEN 1, YELLOW 1, PURPLE 1]

Palette (Any combination, chance) Score = Total of all dice

Example: [DICE: PURPLE 5, RED 2, GREEN 4, GREEN 5, YELLOW 2] = 18 points

Bonus Points

Upper Section: 35 BONUS POINTS for a total of 63 or more

Middle Section: 25 BONUS POINTS if you score 75 points or more


Yahtzee Bonus Points

You receive 100 BONUS POINTS for your second and subsequent Yahtzees - if and only if - your first Yahtzee was scored as a "50" in the "Yahtzee" scoring box. IF YOU SCORED A ZERO IN THE YAHTZEE BOX - OR USED A YAHTZEE TO SCORE IN THE UPPER SECTION - YOU RECEIVE NO BONUS POINTS.

Yahtzee as a Joker

A Yahtzee may be used as a joker (scored any way other than a regular Yahtzee) in the Lower Section only when the following conditions exist:

1. The Yahtzee box has already been filled with "50"


2. The appropriate scoring box in the Upper Section has already been filled. (Example: If the Yahtzee consists of five 4's and the "Fours" box is already filled.)

NOTE: If the appropriate Upper Section box and all Lower Section boxes are used, you MUST place a zero in the box of your choice in the Upper Section - or just score the one dice of the appropriate colour in the middle section. You will still receive Yahtzee Bonus Points, if you are entitled to them.

#125726 Tue 06/05/03 22:48 UTC
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 13,982
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 13,982
As requested by Gypsy, the 5 painted Yahtzee dice look like this...
<blockquote id="code"><hr>

<pre style="{font-family:Courier}">
PY1 Red 1
Green 2
Yellow 3
Blue 4
Purple 5
Red 6

PY2 Yellow 1
Red 2
Green 3
Yellow 4
Blue 5
Purple 6

PY3 Green 1
Purple 2
Red 3
Green 4
Yellow 5
Blue 6

PY4 Blue 1
Blue 2
Purple 3
Red 4
Green 5
Yellow 6

PY5 Purple 1
Yellow 2
Blue 3
Purple 4
Red 5
Green 6

<hr></blockquote id="code">

Moderated by  Argus, Gypsy, Weez 

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