round    20    21     22      23     24     25
                     acro     AWS   KIA    FOTA    DRI    BMDO   AMIA
                     dealer   Aqua  Dugan  Weez    Aqua   Gypsy  Mina
              TOTAL  played 	
Mina          171      25       1    7      13       2      14    D
AquaDyne      167      25       D    4      15       D      9     12
Gypsy         140      24       6    8      6        12     D     11
Dugan         137      25       11   D      4        4      4     6
Weez          136      25       10   8      D        5      3     13
Mackey Mouse  122      23       3           5        9      4     3
Shamrock      89       24       8    3      5        3      6     7
Tusk          37       7        9                    7      2     4

Game Start: Nov. 2, 2021
Game End: June 30, 2022

Winning Acros:
  • RND 25 AMIA (Mina): Amazing Moments In Acro! By Weez (13 points)
    Real Winner: Applauding Mina's Incredible Acronyms (that will win this game and give her back to back deals) by AquaDyne (12 points)
  • RND 24 BMDO (Gypsy): Burgers, Milkshakes. Dinner Out. (yum!) by Mina (14 points)
    Real Winner: Boy, Mina's Def (is) Outstanding! (Vote for it!) by Aqua (9 points)
  • RND 23 DRI (Aqua): Drastically Reducing Information (No-one steals my identity!) by Gypsy (12 points)
    Real Winner: Demand Recounts Incessantly (Republican Election Strategy) by Mackey (9 points)
  • RND 22 FOTA (Weez): Flying Over The Atlantic (to visit our DL friends on the other side!) By Aqua (15 points)
    Real Winner: First One To Asgard (buys the mead!) By Mina (13 points)
  • RND 21 KIA (Dugan): Keeping It Awkward By Weez (8 points)
    Real Winner: Kindness Impacts Always (Be nice, good karma) By Gypsy (8 points)
  • RND 20 AWS (Aqua): Amorous Wookiee Sex (need my earplugs...) by Dugan (11 points)
    Real Winner: Award Winning Submittal by Weez (10 points)
  • RND 19 JETI (Tusk): Jedi Emotions Threaten Innocence (Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.) by Aqua (11 points)
    Real Winners: (10 points)
    Jokers Exhibit Teenage Intentions by Mackey
    Jolly Extra Terrestrial Invasion (Killer Klowns From Outer Space) by Mina
  • RND 18 EOWS (Gypsy): Extreme Ocean Water Sports (Surfing Tsunamis) by Tusk (12 points)
    Real Winner: Envious Of Wizards' Staffs (but I suppose a wand will do) by Aqua (8 points)
  • RND 17 ASCAP (Weez): Animals Snuggle Closely As Pets (because we love it!) By Gypsy (12 points)
    Real Winner: Always Secretly Creating Arsenic Pastries (want one? they are to die for!) By Mina (9 points)
  • RND 16 MLS (Mina): More Laughter & Silliness! By Weez (10 points)
    Real Winner:: Mikey Likes Something! (He likes it! Hey, Mikey!) by Mikey…er Mackey (10 points)
  • RND 15 PBA (Weez): Perfect Burgers And... (fries! What more could you want?) by Mina (14 points)
    Real Winner:: Paladin Blasts Adversary (Smite them!) by AquaDyne (11 points)
  • RND 14 DST (Aqua): Drinking Sweet Tea (Sitting on my porch, DST.) by Weez (8 points)
    Real Winner:: Dinner Stuffing Time! (Yum) by Gypsy (8 points)
  • RND 13 NATO (Weez): Nincompoop Agressors Threaten (World) Order by Aqua (8 points)
    Real Winner:: No Aircraft Travel Often (especially Russian ones) by Gypsy (8 points)
  • RND 12 NEMA (Dugan): Need Energy - Monday Arrived by Weez (12 points)
    Real Winner:: Never Eat Moldy Apples (always very good advice!) by Mina (8 points)
  • RND 11 AYCE (Weez): Always YouTube Cats Entertain by Dugan (13 points)
    Real Winner:: Angry Yeti Commences Executions (poachers, you were warned!) by Mina (10 points)
  • RND 10 JWT (Dugan): Just Went Tropical (to cure the cold winter blues) by Weez (11 points)
    Real Winner:: Jolly Well. Tata! by Mackey Mouse (6 points)
  • RND 9 JPMS (Aqua): Jack Plots Murder Spree (at the Overlook Hotel) by Dugan (11 points)
    Real Winners: (7 points each):
    January Provides More Snow (and more and more and...) by Weez
    Just Promise Me Something (the start of truly awful ideas) by Mina
  • RND 8 SPOR (Weez): Snow Plows On Roads (but not nearly enough of them) by Aqua (12 points)
    Real Winner:: Sprocket Production Orders (for) RUDI (George Jetson's job description) by Dugan (11 points)
  • RND 7 CAG (Shamrock): Cats Are Gods (Or so they think.) by Weez (13 points)
    Real Winners: (6 points each):
    Conning A Giant (what Jack did when he went up the beanstalk) by Mina
    Contemplating Annual Goals (Which resolutions shall I break this year?) by AquaDyne
    Creative Acronyms Galore by Mackey
  • RND 6 POG (Aqua): Possible Otter Gathering (in San Francisco Bay) by Shamrock (8 points)
    Real Winners: (6 points each):
    Price Of Goods (Soaring? eek) By Gypsy
    Picnics On Grass (Is it summer yet?) By Weez
    Presents On Ground (Santa Express tracking code) by Dugan
  • RND 5 SEO (Gypsy): Sleigh Enters Orbit (This year's presents delivered with the help of SpaceX!) by Aqua (14 points)
    Real Winner:: Santa's Elves Online (look out by Mackey (13 points)
  • RND 4 DTFA (Weez): Dogs, Truly Faithful Animals by Gypsy (12 points)
    Real Winner:: DreamLyrics™: Twenty Fabulous Annums! By AquaDyne (9 points)
  • RND 3 COLA (Shamrock): Cats Often Lounge Around (In between getting into mischief.) by Weez (10 points)
    Real Winner:: Corny One-Liner Acro's (sometimes win, sometimes don't). by Dugan (8 points)
  • RND 2 AIX (Aqua): Aliens In Xanadu (film at 11:00) by Shamrock (12 points)
    Real Winner:: Adventures In Xanth (fun, puns, and magic!) by Mina (8 points)
  • RND 1 MSEP (Weez): Monsters Sometimes Eat People (seasoned with ketchup) By AquaDyne (14 points)
    Real Winner:: Music Soothes Extreme Panic (But only the right kind, not Jaws for example!) By Gypsy (12 points)

Weez          8      <-------- Winner of last game
AquaDyne      6
Dugan         3
Gypsy         3
Mina          2      <-------- Winner of this game!
Shamrock      2
Tusk          1