This was one of our lockdown games, starting in May 2020 and ending July 2021, roughly coinciding with UK coronavirus restrictions.

It contained a couple more oddities too. It started out using FFG's Star Wars: Force & Destiny system, then at the halfway point switched to FFG's End of the World system. In the second half the group of six players was split into two sub-groups with their own concurrent game threads.

So what metrics do we get from it? 994 game posts with an average word count of 116 gives us an estimated length of 180,818 words. That's about the same as a modern sci-fi novel by a bestselling author.

We know how to do the work on DreamLyrics!

(It should be noted that nemarsde returned to form in CFH with player character deaths at 33%.)

The GM, nemarsde will answer any of your questions here.