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TOG: Neverending Movie Chain
Sun 16/06/19 22:19 UTC
[Linked Image]

[107 steps]
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Films/TV etc
Sun 16/06/19 20:32 UTC
Nivek, wow! You and I actually watched the same series?!? Like Gypsy, I LOVED IT! Have not read the books yet, but I am planning to now!
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6 Takes
Sun 16/06/19 16:44 UTC
 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  49 |  67 |  72 |     |     | xxx |      3
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|   1 |  10 |  19 |  76 |  99 | xxx |      11
|     |  *3 |     |     |  *5 |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  81 |  83 |  87 |  91 | 101 | xxx |      5
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  51 |  64 |  84 | 104 |     | xxx |      4
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |      

Order of Play:
  • AJ - 58
  • Gypsy - 65
  • Weez - 73
  • Exeter - 74
  • Argus - 93

With 3 turns remaining in the game, it's a tight race for the win! Entering this turn, AJ leads Weez by 2 points (39 vs. 41) with Argus (45) and Exeter (47) easily within striking distance, should one or both of the leaders implode!

The walkdown proceeds apace, with Row 1's 3 points being the consolation prize for the lowest of the high card attempts. AJ is unfortunate enough to have to take them, putting him at 42 points, a pip behind Weez. Everyone else follows on, holding their breath and deciding on their tactics for the last turn. High-low or low-high?
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HWD: The Heartwood
Sun 16/06/19 15:12 UTC
The Heartwood
Dawnview Vale
Dawnview Castle
Hasday, the Eighteenth Day of Tiger

Bekkah, Cesare, Daxia, Keiko, Lyric, Kisa, Linnell, Reena, Tomomi, and various Dayalans

Linnell Allaine had spoken about so much, addressing each of her guests in turn. She listens to the responses with the earnestness of an attentive host, whether they be a few words or many. Only when things had gone full circle did she make her reply.

"I would like to think that if it were a love story, it would be a stronger tale. No tale, no song has any meaning unless it speaks to how we treat one another; unless it teaches us something about ourselves."

And with that, her attention spun to the Mouse in her house. She couldn't help but smile, just a little bit.

"To fill the emptiness with kindness. Has anyone ever told you that you have a wonderful way with words? They have a simplicity that is lacking between here and the Seas. I would like to meet this Lady of yours; she sounds much more down to earth than the Councilor. To fill the emptiness with kindness. It is a shame our world does not think of that more. We have so many stories about great events and the buckling of swashes and the happenings of the past. Why is it that we have so few songs about what is really important? To be taught this by a strange — strange only because we have just met — Mouse makes me feel more than a little ashamed. Reena is correct, this must be what my daughter saw."

Tomomi just swallowed at that, eyes wide as saucers and her ears as pink as a beautiful sunset. Of course, Linnell saw this, and of course, she then chose to speak to Lyric.

"How come there are not more such teaching songs?"

The ex-Khorall offered the Minstrel an odd smile at that. Kisa blinked and raised her hand to her mouth while Captain Reena raised her hand over her liege's head as if getting ready to rap Linnell once more.

"You are very quiet for a minstrel. I have never met one with so few words. You are even quieter than the oft-spoken-of Temple critter. No offense to our Miss Mouse, of course. Are you quiet because being surrounded by Allaines is as mystifying as some High Court or Council where you have no right to be at or are you afraid of what you might say? So you are not a wolf. What sort of Minstrel are you?

"Are you a minstrel first, one who simply watches the world turn around her or are you a minstrel second, taking hold of who you are and what you do and the songs come naturally after?"

Reena simply snorted at that, taking her hand back.

"Linnell, my dear sweet innocent Linnell, you are going to be so vexed if she answers that question with a simple, single word: yes."

Kisa giggled, and her mother looked grumpy for a moment or two. To resolve that conundrum, Linnell chose to question Bekkah.

"So what do you think, what sort of minstrel do you travel with? And I challenge you, Yurisdotter. Prove to us that Daxia did not inherit all your family's words; I have heard a rumor, and I would like to know if it is true, that once she left the Vale, she has been forced to use your allotment of words and has thus been given less than an agreeable nickname. Show us that this is not true; that it is not yours and Lady Attera's fault. I am curious about your answer, in more than a handful of words."

As she waited for Bekkah to formulate her answer, Linnell took a breath, before she responded to Keiko concerning grandmothers and fathers and their feelings.

"Love is something that a Noble has to place third or fourth or fifth in the Order of things important. It is the way of the world. It is right because it simply is. The Noble Families must be maintained. Allaine cannot fall, cannot be let to fade away. For all that my sister is rigid and narrow-sighted, she is correct in that. It is not a matter of pride.

"It is a matter of service."

She sat up a bit straighter.

"It is our duty, which we gladly take. In return for our position, we give everything else up. It is our task to provide for our people. Their security comes first. They must be safe and able to live without fear. Their welfare comes first. They must be able to live a life in good health, with enough food, water, and sustenance. Their happiness comes first. They must be able to live, not just survive. Their smiles are our smiles. Their success is how Allaines measure ours.

"For us to find happiness? That is a rare thing. Something to be cherished. Mayhaps, this is why Allaines tend to care so much for those chosen to protect us. For who else would care? Who else would look after us in the same way? I know I would be lost without Reenashka."

"I find myself doubly lucky. I have Reena, and I can think of Kisa's Father and smile. I suspect his responsibilities to his caravan are as significant to him as mine is to the people of Dawnview Vale.

"This is true, isn't it, Keiko?

"It must have made the Goddess laugh, that a Waverider and a castle-bound girl found each other. I would hope that somewhere he still thinks of me in the same way. His last Midwinters in the Vale was when Kisa was still so little. I have never asked why he stopped visiting the Vale come the Storm Season. I have never followed that pattern. In my head, I know what is most probable. But my heart refuses to ask that question. If I do not ask, if I do not seek that pattern, it will always be as if he is just over the next hill.

"One day, Kisa. One day, Daxia. Both of you will learn that there are some questions that are better never answered."

Daxia got her answer next. Of all the answers in the world, it came from somewhere near, or in, the least expected territories.

"I never saw it."

Linnell shoulders raised and fell.

"The pattern that you and my daughter set in motion? I never saw it. It was beyond the limits of my world, it was a question I would never have even thought to ask. That disturbed me, for quite a while, as these odd rumors came in, about a strange Lady of Attera being watched over by a troublemaker Dayalan. And then I realized it was perfectly fine.

"This is your time.

"Not mine.

"These are your stories to tell, your songs to make. Does the stone in a castle's foundation have any idea of the Castle it supports? Probably not. But it is still part of the Castle's story, and without being there, there would be no castle.

"I can certainly live with that. And take a mote of pride and happiness in being that foundation stone. Besides..."

The redhaired woman leaned back against her bodyguard.

"I am looking forward to being spoiled in my old age, having all the benefits of being a grand Allaine and none of the responsibilities, being doted on by my loving daughters."

Kisa raised a brow at that.

"Doting? Bah. Follow the tiles, dear Mother. Two weeks of being doted on and you will be bored to tears."

Linnell just laughed looking across to her guests.

"Maybe yes. Maybe no. But until then, the sun is heading to its rest in the West and we should too. Daxia, you probably have just enough time to cross the Valley to the Temple, and if you say that your liege demands your return, limit her words to you so you may get back before morning. The path is lit, so the dark is not a worry."

Kisa nodded.

"I so demand."

She then paused, giving Tomomi an inquisitive look.

"I also demand that Miss Tomomi Mouse accompany My Knight and to not leave her side. If anyone says this is inappropriate, pray inform them that the Khorall would then like to speak to her Priestess. Immediately."

This was immediately followed by a quick apology.

"If this is acceptable to you, Miss Mouse. I ask it as a favor, as it would be valuable for everyone and my sister if you saw that inside of the Temple."

It was Linnell's turn to quirk her brow. Tomomi just nodded in reply. After an awkward pause, Linnel swept her hand across the room.

"As for the rest, you are our guests. Rooms will be found in the second tower for you, the main hall and the terraces free for your use. The Allaine tower, of course, is for family only, and if you find a door closed, we expect that it to stay closed. Otherwise, a fair night. Reena and I shall take evening promenade. Feel free to stay here and make your plans for the morrow; if you are going further on..."

Linnell nodded to the two Dayalans also watching over them.

"Let them know what you need, and they will ensure it is collected."

She then, with her captain in tow, she took her leave, heading upstairs to the gallery and then deeper into the castle. As they left, a few snippets of conversation drifted down in their wake.

"Hey Linny, can I ask you something..."

[[OOC note: If you have a further response to Linnell, feel free to include your closing thoughts in your post. Tadaa! You get the last word! Otherwise, you should plan what you want to do next and how to go about it. If Daxia wants to visit the Temple she can do so between now and sunrise - and anyone who wants to accompany her is fine by me; you just need to get Daxia to agree. I'd like the next post for all of you to be moving on to your next adventure!]]
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6 Takes
Sun 16/06/19 13:49 UTC
Round 2 Turn 1

 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  32 |     |     |     |     | xxx |     1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |  
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  58 |     |     |     |     | xxx |     1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  61 |     |     |     |     | xxx |     1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |  
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  63 |     |     |     |     | xxx |     1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |

Play in order of lowest card first:

Exeter 33*5
Aqua 46
Weez 62
AJ 64
Argus 68

Well no-one posted very high which is not surprising! smile

Exeter lands on row 1, Aqua following. smile

Weez plays on row 3 whilst the opportunity is there wink

And AJ & Argus play cautiously on row 4 grin

Next choices via PM please.
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General Discussion
Sun 16/06/19 13:41 UTC
Neither.. but wishing those that have a nice day! smile
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General Discussion
Sun 16/06/19 10:52 UTC
I'm on a break until December time. I'm still sticking my head in though, but not playing or GMing.

Since finishing my games, I've completed a 3000 piece jigsaw and am halfway through La Belle Sauvage. I quickly burnt through my Netflix and Amazon watchlists, and have to say, what a load of c*** that was!! Seems to me that I pay for streaming for only one or two great series a year. Surely better value for money to just buy the boxset, even if you have to wait an extra 6 months?
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Sun 16/06/19 00:21 UTC

The Sister just tilted her head.

"Multiple times I have sung to her."

She crossed her arms, still a mountain lake in winter.

"She may be in a place where Dvasha melody cannot reach her."

What she was thinking was like the still waters in that lake. For the moment, hidden beneath its mirror surface.
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Sat 15/06/19 13:27 UTC
Gypsy's Turn 19

6 5 5 5 2 -- Reroll 6 2
2 3 -------- Reroll 2 3
2 5

Score: 25555

Four 5s in column 3 and my 105 bonus! grin That's better! Inspiration for you Weez wink
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General Discussion
Sat 15/06/19 12:48 UTC
42 this year for me! grin

Have a lovely day together! Really pleased for both of you. smile

And nice Flintstones Don! grin
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Sat 15/06/19 07:49 UTC
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Films/TV etc
Fri 14/06/19 20:58 UTC
Sadly ... until it shows up on NetFlix ... I won't be able to watch it <sigh>

But it is on my 'radar', so if it =does= show up ... <weg>
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Fri 14/06/19 17:29 UTC
Turn 38

Roll 1 - 4,3,6,2,2 Reroll 4,3,6
Roll 2 - 4,2,6---- Reroll 4,6
Roll 3 - 4,5

2,2,2,4,5 - No Yahtzee there...
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Fri 14/06/19 15:31 UTC
We have a lot of time - about 2 weeks. I plan on finishing off the other game before then. Just some I's to dot and T's to cross.
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General Discussion
Fri 14/06/19 14:36 UTC
Thanks. My situation is similar to yours. While both my "real" parents have told me they would be OK if any of myself or my sisters wanted to look for our birth parents, I would feel like I was hurting them in some way so I have not done so other than to use one of those DNA companies (23 and Me) to see who else might be out there. A few people there have contacted me who were also adopted but all I've done is chat a little bit with them on-line.

Once both my parents pass on I may look harder. Not sure yet.
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Message Gaming Centre
Fri 14/06/19 12:33 UTC
ARS has closed temporarily
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TOG: Target & Other Games
Fri 14/06/19 12:25 UTC
Given the letters below, can you come up with words made from these letters. Letters may not be used more than once unless they appear more than once in the list. Words must have at least 3 letters, no proper names, abbreviations or foreign words allowed but plurals are! And to reach your target your answer must contain at least one word using all the letters provided.


Target number of words:
Good = 16 - 20
Very good = 21 - 25
Excellent = 26 - 30
Perfect = 31

PM or email your answers to me and I will provide the definitive answer on Friday. smile
0 10 Read More
TOG: Target & Other Games
Fri 14/06/19 12:13 UTC

evil, evils
ins, isle
lei, lie, leis, lens, lien, lies, line, live, liens, lines, liven, lives, livens
sin, sine, snivel
vie, veil, vein, vies, vile, vine, vise, veils, veins, vines
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6 Takes
Fri 14/06/19 11:42 UTC
Round 1 Turn 10

 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  36 |  53 |  68 |     |     | xxx |     3
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |  
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  14 |  44 |  64 |  74 |  75 | xxx |     10
|     |  *5 |     |     |  *2 |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  70 |  71 |  77 |  82 |     | xxx |     10
|  *3 |     |  *5 |     |     |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  96 |  99 |     |     |     | xxx |     6
|     |  *5 |     |     |     |  x  |  

Play in order of lowest card first:

AJ 31
Argus 45*2
Weez 47
Aqua 56
Exeter 61

And so AJ is first to step forward again and has to bust again. And again, row 1 is the obvious choice for just 3 points. smile And everyone else joins the conga line onto row 1 to celebrate the end of the first round! grin


Argus = 0 points jk
Exeter = 9 points
Aqua = 10 points
Weez = 14 points
AJ = 18 points sad
10 104 Read More
YTZ: Yahtzee!
Thu 13/06/19 16:14 UTC
Ken - eek Wow!!
21 206 Read More
Thu 13/06/19 10:38 UTC
lol See what being helpful gets you! grin

To be fair, I already knew the results were wrong. wink
9 62 Read More
NML: Call of Cthulhu - The Horror of No Man’s Land
Wed 12/06/19 18:03 UTC
[OOC: Phil is targeting the rats and, in between shots, fixing his bayonet.]
244 25,925 Read More
TFS: The Fading Suns
Wed 12/06/19 11:48 UTC
Jump to new posts Re: OOC [by Gypsy]
Hope it is better soon. smile
618 632,067 Read More
LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver
Wed 12/06/19 09:03 UTC

As he had upon receiving the prior rank, the Dragonborn noble acknowledged it in his stride, inclining his head at the promotion to the third tier in relatively short order. He was comfortable in a structured hierarchy, and confirmed the order with a simple,

"It will be done."
55 353 Read More
Films/TV etc
Wed 12/06/19 01:14 UTC
I did watch Rim of the World. Not amazing, but better than average. It was fun and kept my attention through it... and I kept thinking about our game and crew smile
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