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TOG: Neverending Movie Chain
Thu 22/08/19 10:26 UTC
The Big Lebowski

I had to.
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General Discussion
Wed 21/08/19 20:41 UTC
Beautiful pics Gypsy! It's great that you're getting on so well with your family!
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6 Takes
Wed 21/08/19 19:49 UTC
Haven't got the cards with me so I'll deal when I get home! Nice one Argus! smile
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Wed 21/08/19 18:51 UTC
Well done guys! grin
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Wed 21/08/19 14:47 UTC
PM sent
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Tue 20/08/19 21:06 UTC
Turn 5

Roll 1 - 5,4,3,1,3 Reroll 1,3
Roll 2 - 5,1------ Reroll 1,3,3
Roll 3 - 4,3,6

3,4,5,5,6 <shrug> Chance, I guess...
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Mon 19/08/19 16:35 UTC
From Mackey

3) Santa's Toy Factory Unionized (Elves have wokers' rights!) - Tedted may have some advice for them.
5) Shamrock Tries Funny Underwear - we keep trying to tell him not to buy from the ladies section
9) Skin Tight Flight Uniforms (The golden age of science fiction) - just to prove I read them all
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HWD: The Heartwood
Mon 19/08/19 02:34 UTC
Lord Protector, Her Ladyship Verchovai Daxia Yurisdotter
[Daxia serves DAYALA... the GM ESPECIALLY should get this right]

“Same at Temple. Dazi get stupid tasks.” Then she laughed. “Always lessons in stupid tasks! Takes long time to find sometimes.”

The backward, topsy turvy, dusk-is-morning life of the Starwatchers made sense. One couldn’t watch Her children and document their activities while She was outshining them.

The darkness of the Jambles night was not absolute. Even with the moons tucked behind craggy outcroppings, the stars themselves provided light. Not enough to read by, certainly not enough to travel by, but Daxia could see the silhouettes of her companions and the village’s structures.

Oh, dear Goddess, the stars...

“Hoi,” Daxia whispered, awe vibrating in the sound of her voice.

She nudged Bekkah.

“Go. Eat. Be warm. Rest. Take others.

“Dazi climb, see...”

She gestured to the star-filled sky. So many Sisters... For a Dayalan, it was a most profound and holy sight. It almost seemed as though she could reach up and touch them. Yet, the display was one that brought the magnitude of Dayalan losses into stark relief — it was one thing to intellectually know that tens or hundreds or thousands upon thousands of Dayalans had died since Time began, it was another thing entirely to see those numbers arrayed across the night sky.

The past year had strengthened a nightly habit that began the night Morning Star found her — her eyes swung to the Dark Patch and the two stars shining there. She smiled and silently greeted Tashka and Linette.

Then she gazed at the carved stairs for a moment before turning to Morning Star. The unicorn would do whatever he wished. She shrugged and started up the stairs.
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Sun 18/08/19 14:58 UTC

Now, it’s only a dream, a single wish
But it’s in these hands that take aim and miss
I fight it, but I can’t wake up
I was given a vision of the end
But it’s here in these hands that cannot mend
And the memory will haunt me for all eternity

It was Volksha that snapped her head around. The wolf princess. The sister.

"Then stop trying to push me away..."

How can I destroy my weakness? ‘Cause I wanna be stronger
I need to keep them all safe, but I lack the power
If we learn to wield our flaws, then the future will be ours

"...and figure out a way you can make me one of you."

The barked words were reminiscent of something she had told him before. The best lies contain the most truth.

The wolf princess had challenged him. Make the lie the truth.

... what did i just say ... Jessica, what have you done to me ...

And then she was at the bulkhead.

Brave shine...
If you need a hand to hold, then stay the night...

Whoever she was, she paused at the bulkhead. How could she not?

Jessica was singing.

Evacuation suits were foreign to her but this was not.

"Do you recognize the song?"

That was called out, quick and sharp, to Brother Justinian as she reached back, reached back to snare the strap of her balalaika. Thus it was both of them that passed into the bay and to the little sister' side. A hand to steady her upon the side of the medical bed and the other to set the balalaika in her pathfinder's lap.

"D'vasha ... she needs to sing - show her the way."

And she did too.

"...eight thousand…....left. At the last, not the first, eight thousand, left ..."

Like a candle left in the window, or so she hoped.

...on the darkest of my days you saved my life.
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Sun 18/08/19 14:29 UTC

"The Pancreator helps those who help themselves."

It was one of the most ancient proverbs.

"You don't seem to understand. A girl's life is at stake. The future of this ship is at stake. You need to stop thinking in terms of what you cannot do, but in what you can do. You have to stop letting the world push you around like a piece of flotsam on the water. I may be a priestess and I used to be a minstrel, but I am not here for your entertainment.

"You need to take responsibility for your own actions."

The Priestess drew herself up.

"That would be a good step forward.

"You should have taken that step instead of shrugging your shoulders.

"I should not be the one to tell you this.

"Do it."
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Sun 18/08/19 06:42 UTC
Aqua, I often forget to post I PM'd, so you are not alone smile
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NML: Call of Cthulhu - The Horror of No Man’s Land
Sun 18/08/19 01:39 UTC

His head moved as if mounted on a swivel when Aaron shouted his warning and he glanced at his other friend to make sure what he planned to do.

"I'm with you," he said, gestured for Nic to join them and then took off running behind the other two, having a hard time to keep up with their speed while he tried to serve as rear guard at the same time.
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Sun 18/08/19 01:36 UTC

"I am not concerned with the cackling of those poultry," Sasha whispered in response to Lady Matarael's statements.

"But, if as you say, in cases such as this, the law is solely determined by decision of the Duke, why then does he need judges?"

Sasha rolled her eyes briefly ceilingward and shrugged,

"Or does he expect Lord Jaxon and myself to merely serve as rubber stamps for his wishes?"
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Sat 17/08/19 18:08 UTC
Muddy, that is a good one smile
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Films/TV etc
Sat 17/08/19 18:03 UTC
So last night I finished watching the first season. Anyone else finish Season 1?

I have always been a fan of Matt Barr (who plays Danny) so it was fun watching him in another show. Lexi (Sofia Pernas) brought a fun lightness to her role that I really enjoyed. Through most of the season I looked forward to the next episode and the story progressing.

That said, the last two episodes were a bit darker than the first part of the season, and I did not enjoy them as much. The show started out as a fun romp around the world, battling modern-day Nazis, terrorists, and finding lost treasures. What more could I ask for? Well... the last few episodes were more gritty with twists thrown in that I feel they could have left out.

Two of my three favorite characters were caught up in these twists and became less enjoyable.


I am still looking forward to Season 2, but not as much as I was earlier on in the show. Don, thanks for turning me on to this show. I wish we could have discussed the entire first season, instead of just a few episodes.

So did anyone else watch the entire first season? Thoughts?
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General Discussion
Sat 17/08/19 17:50 UTC

You are not the only one. He and I would discuss T.V. shows we were both watching, and last night I saw the end of Blood and Treasure, thought about him during the whole episode.
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Sat 17/08/19 08:02 UTC
Crafting a +1 maul seems doable depending on funds and seems in character for Kriv, being a practical development that hones his skills, tests his mastery of the Art and improves his effectiveness. Could tie neatly into Research into the Forge of Spells as well. Adding in Training, then top up with money-positive Practicing a Profession, in the employ of either the LA or Norixius Keep, should round out the time.
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General Discussion
Sat 17/08/19 02:56 UTC
Been a fan for a long time! George Michael fronted Queen for the tribute to Freddie and he could measure up but didn't want to step up. Alas, no longer a possibility. sad But I followed Adam all through American Idol, really liked him then and he is pretty good fronting Queen. They did a Christmas concert in the UK a couple of years back which was televised. Watched it all, excellent! grin
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Fri 16/08/19 21:53 UTC

The day of departure was at hand. Kriv and Ryssa would be heading south, to Waterdeep. Bern, Davroar and Jaliera all had business in or near Neverwinter to the north. And so the two groups split at this time after agreeing to meet back in Phandelin at Highharvestide. Luminmorn would stay in Phandelin, help them in the cleansing of both the mines and Tresendar Manor. He promises to have clean rooms for everyone of the departing heroes in the manor when they return.

The townsfolk wave you off.
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Films/TV etc
Thu 15/08/19 22:46 UTC
Interesting, might check it out then.
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Thu 15/08/19 22:46 UTC
I will keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the pointer!!! <g>
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Films/TV etc
Thu 15/08/19 21:35 UTC
Anyone else remember my first love??

I have had them on VHS for quite a while, but have been reluctant to 'trust' them the my =very= old tape player. But I just got them on DVD <vbg> So I am having a lot of fun for a while now!!! <chuckle>

Anyone else lover her?
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Thu 15/08/19 19:30 UTC
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Thu 15/08/19 05:50 UTC
Correct! Thanks Aqua! smile

Official confirmation coming up!
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Message Gaming Centre
Thu 15/08/19 05:47 UTC
Good luck Jim. Really hope it works out for you! grin
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