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Thu 23/01/20 16:31 UTC
A recent acronym I've come across is SAE, which can stand for Society of Automotive Engineering. What's your more humorous/interesting/whatever take on SAE? Send me your new defs by Sunday evening, 2/26 via PM or email.

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Thu 23/01/20 16:17 UTC
Since I skated last round, I'll save Gypsy and Mackey, and take the deal myself. razz

I guess we should add something to the rules about a Round 1 tie-breaker. I lean very slightly more towards having the previous higher scorer getting it. What do other people think?
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Thu 23/01/20 13:15 UTC
<C.F. Frost>

This was just too much. This level of 'sabotage' could have been accomplished during the refit! He had to hope that they had been unwilling to mess with his console ... worried that it would be something he might notice. He strained against the acceleration, he had to try to cut the engines for a start.
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General Discussion
Thu 23/01/20 13:07 UTC
Yup ... certainly is <g> I have over 350 beers in my 'records' <vbg> And don't drink the same beer twice in the same day ... I get bored easily <wink>

The my 'local chain' here has offered singles for as long as I can remember ... and gives 10% on six or more singles ... and that mix and match works for any combination of sizes as well.
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Wed 22/01/20 21:32 UTC
Jump to new posts Re: OOC [by MikeD]
No worries here. Just hope it gets better for you ... =SOON=!! <g>
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NML: Call of Cthulhu - The Horror of No Man’s Land
Wed 22/01/20 21:28 UTC
“We will head back to the town“ replies Claude with a degree of firm conviction “there is no way out for you down here at the moment and I’m feeling that perhaps fate has a plan to keep you here for the time being. I will speak with Father, he knows the history of our town more than anyone else although I should warn you that he is wary of strangers and definitely doesn’t like soldiers, especially now where the war is making things here so much worse.”

Now as you will recall your comrades in arms Corporal Slade and Private Sykes are still up top in the Church and last you left them detaining one well-spoken and possibly over-curious German Officer, his men apparently having bedded down in various buildings in the town overnight.

It’s a forgone conclusion that Claude is not aware of this and that the other townsfolk who were in the cave when you came across them have now reached the passage entrance in the church where you started.

In short, the situation outside the passageway in the town may have changed considerably.
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General Discussion
Wed 22/01/20 14:15 UTC
Terry Jones, Jan. 21, 2020. Member of Monty Python, director of Monty Python and The Holy Grail, The Life of Brian, et al.
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Wed 22/01/20 09:21 UTC
5, 7, 2
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Wed 22/01/20 06:08 UTC
Weez’s Turn 7 verified and cleared.

Argus - Turn 7

  1. 2 4 3 1 3 -- Keeping 3 3, Re-rolling 1 2 4
  2. 3 3 6 1 5 -- Keeping 3 3, Re-rolling 1 5 6
  3. 3 3 4 4 4 -- Scoring 4 4 4 3 3

18 points in 3 of a kind.
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General Discussion
Wed 22/01/20 05:00 UTC
I am off this weekend - Hobbiton on Friday and then a weekend of Rugby.
I will be relatively scarce.
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Message Gaming Centre
Wed 22/01/20 03:26 UTC
So far, playing in Ken's online 5th edition game, I am enjoying it. Give it a go smile I am thinking of purchasing the books, it looks like this version might be around long enough to make the investment worthwhile.
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Wed 22/01/20 00:56 UTC
Gypsy, your turn has been cleared and confirmed. Since I couldn't figure out how to get 1.5 points, I decided to walk ahead a bit. But not a lot. razz

Turn 27

1st Roll -- 2 1 1 2 3 -- Already too many 1s. wink Rerolling 1 1 3
2nd Roll -- 2 2 4 1 1 -- The 1s are messing with me. Rerolling 4 1 1
3rd Roll -- 2 2 6 4 2 -- That's better. Not exciting but better. 2s in column 2.

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SIX: 6 Takes
Mon 20/01/20 17:19 UTC
 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  11 |  13 |     |     |     | xxx |      6
|  *5 |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  42 |     |     |     |     | xxx |      1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  45 |  48 |     |     |     | xxx |      3
|  *2 |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  59 |  60 |  96 |     |     | xxx |      5
|     |  *3 |     |     |     |  x  |      

Order of Play:
  • Weez - 15
  • AJ - 16
  • Gypsy - 49
  • Argus - 98

The combination of space and future point potential attracts Weez and AJ to Row 1 with guaranteed safe plays, leaving only one spot on a somewhat expensive row.

Gypsy and Argus also play cards guaranteed to be safe this round.

But space, and safety, is getting scarce.
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SIX: 6 Takes
Mon 20/01/20 13:03 UTC
Round 3 Turn 4

 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|   1 |   2 |   8 |  11 |  66 | xxx |     13
|     |     |     |  *5 |  *5 |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  33 |  44 |  80 |     |     | xxx |     13
|  *5 |  *5 |  *3 |     |     |  x  |  
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  47 |  82 |     |     |     | xxx |     2
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  83 |  88 |  90 |  93 | 101 | xxx |     11
|     |  *5 |  *3 |     |     |  x  |  

Play in order of lowest card first:

Weez 17
AJ 63
Argus 92
Aqua 97

Weez considers her options and decides that perhaps a tactical bust is in her best interests. Sge wipes the sweat from her brow and plays her 17 card to bust row 3!

AJ has a very safe play now for the new row 1 and plays it, probably ensuring another low card bust of the row. smile

Argus and Aqua have less safe options now, both aiming for those last two spaces on the new row 3.. and the operative word is 'two' as they both fit! grin Or maybe they have been conspiring with AJ? lurk

Next choices via PM please.
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HWD: The Heartwood
Sun 19/01/20 19:22 UTC
The Heartwood
Dawnview Vale
Highbeck Glacier Village
Attaday, the Eighth Day of Horse

Bekkah, Daxia, Keiko, Lyric, Nizhentska, Grandmother Starwatcher, and Tomomi

This is how it ended: Nizhentska sitting on the cold stone, knees drawn up, leaning back on straight arms, and looking up at the motionless Fae tablet. On either side of her stood Daxia and Lyric, their own observations of the broken clock piece for the moment completed. Above them, the night sky arched, the stars far brighter and far more numerous than could be seen from any mainland keep. The Fae tablet held its place now, still. It was not, or at the least did not feel like, a contented stillness, as if it had completed its mischief. It was a pensive stillness, taut and expectant, as of it were waiting and at the very limit of its patience.

This was something that could be very understandable. It had been broken for a very, very long time.

One of the other tablets slowly passed over the trio's heads, making its slow revolution around the Ancient clockwork device. Its path was silent and certainly well-ordered.

How they got to this point, however, was anything but well-ordered. They had actually started back in the warm, safe, glacier-covered village. It began with Grandmother Starwatcher considering, very seriously, the nature of Lady Bekkah's opposite and whom it might very well be — or rather, who it was certainly not.

"Nin, nin, nin. Not Imperial, ja? Imperials easy to figure out. Once figured out, even most tangled circles become straight line. Someone else, ja? That one, ja, may have been horrible influence on certain tzarina, deep inside has good heart. Must be someone else, perhaps someone farther away.

"Perhaps someone whose tales have never reached this place. If so, how would I know?

"How can this one be then?"

Nizhentska, however, was mulling another matter, glancing back to Lyric every now and then. She held her response until they were making their way up to the Clock's mesa, their footsteps muffled by the soft snow. Her pace slowed, finally coming to a stop. Her brow was furrowed, her eyes narrowed and crossed as if she were trying to see the tip of her small button nose.

"Chasing Fae foxes and Fae foxes being chased! What if you were Fae fox in expanse of snowfields, all alone, in great white empty, where sound is muffled by drifts and crevasses. If Fae fox were to yip, would there be yip? If no one there to hear Fae fox yip, is it actual, or is it dream?

"When does Fae fox become Fae fox?"

Their appointed guide peered across the short distance between herself and the minstrel.

"Are you girl dreaming of being Fae fox, or are you Fae fox dreaming of being girl?

"When are you real?


"When are you actual?


Tomomi tilted her head.. or, rather, the hood of her travel cloak — keeping her well-sheltered and protected from the cold — had a very definite cant. She took a step closer to Keiko as if to find some much-needed anchorage.

"You are making a Mouse's head hurt."

This was when Grandmother reached out with her large, heavy tome and bopped her Initiate on the top of her head. She just have Nizhentska a look.

"No hurting our guests. Very impolite."

"Hurt?" Nizhentska snorted back the fierce retort. Well, fierce for only that one first word. She kicked at the snow at her feet, sending up a small flurry of white.

"Only asked question. If not ask, how am I supposed to know? To know, must ask! And who taught Nizzy that? Certain Grandmother, ja? Certain Grandmother with very big book.

"Bah! Not fair! Life not fair for Nizzy! Grandmother gets big book for writing and beating on poor student! But Nizzy? Nizzy must just remember!


She turned her attention back to Lyric before looking up at the broken Clock.

"Think Nizzy like being hurt? May think Nizzy crazy, not that crazy."

Stretching out her arms straight, she turned around in place as she looked up. The night sky arced above them, scattered with stars brighter and more numerous than could be seen from any mainland keep.

"Listen to Nizzy, Nizzy tell about hurt.

"Her name was Kathreen, and she was just a stable girl. She worked very hard, but she had a soft heart. She never learned the way of swords and shields, never held a spear, but she believed, and she was a good girl, and she was so proud that they let her wear a simple leather necklace from which hung a white star. She looked after everyone else's midnight brothers, making sure they had water, that they had a nice place to rest, that they could have carrots or apples or a cube of rock candy when they wished.

"Then came that bitter night when the sun set over the temple, the night when the terraces flowed with blood, dancing down the carved steps like water over stones, the night when heroes were born and died in but a heartbeat. No one knew her, no one thought about her, that night. She was just the stable lass, and there was death on their doorstep. Look deep into your hearts and be honest... truly honest. Would you have remembered a stable lass the night Bordertown fell?

"She stood at the doorway, her arms outstretched, just like mine are now. She had no spear, no sword, no dagger, no shield. She just stood there. And the demon-kin and the multi-colored knights that had come on the Eastern wind paused. They could not believe this. And they laughed. They laughed at her, they chortled, they made jokes in a language she couldn't understand. But anyone, anyone could tell they were laughing at her. The laughter didn't stop even after they had snared her up, even after they had tossed her from one to another, even after she was nothing but a broken, silent doll, dull eyes fading as she looked up to a starry sky for the very last time.

"She had bought enough time for the black unicorns to escape...

"So they could stand by their soulmates and not die alone."

Nizhentska pointed to the sky... to a single star set away from the others.

"There she is now. The first set in the sky that night.

"So far away. Still alone."

Nizhentska pointed to the Clock.

"That is only place where she can still be heard.

"It hurt, ja.

"But how could I not?"

She was quiet the rest of the way up to the Clock. The silence grew heavy, and as if she knew conversation was needed, Grandmother spoke to Daxia.

"Not sure. Not sure correct. Tablets may not represent powers. May mean places. May mean people. Forest is place. Rhoni are people, demons come from spheres of wind and ice. Life and death are borders of our time here, when we rise, when we finally set.

"Fae are both. People and place. Now set alone. As for how old Clock is?"

The Starwatcher paused at the first trithilon.

"Best we know, was crafted during timeless shattering and may have been first of places built by Sisters. Her rising and setting brought order, ja, but then world shattered because of order, because of war.

"I think, me, that shattering was attempt to restore chaos to everything, despite Her path across sky. Perhaps Clock was then needed to bring order to all world's fragments. Other days, think Clock simply tracks passage of time in all places shattered, reminding us that even if broken, all still part of whole."

Tomomi just gave the Starwatcher a look, just like she did to Nizzy earlier.

"Apologies." Nizzy's grandmother grinned at their smallest companion. This brought Nizzy's bright nature back.

"Can I hit you now?"

Grandmother's answer was certainly predictable.


"Not fair."

"Is life."

Grandmother then returned her attention to the celestial mechanism. A short while later, Nizzy was at Lyric's feet. Both Lyric's and Daxia's investigations were quickly done. Because of the size of the Clock, none of the stones -- save for the Fae stone -- moved very fast, and their motions were predictable. Thus, they could get a good look at the misbehaving tablet, walk around it when at rest. However, it was high enough that it was just out of reach of Daxi's, the tallest of their group, highest fingertip reach.

To Daxia, it was, indeed, very fae-like... inscrutable, an unknown. For Lyric, too, it felt mysterious. As the Fae tablet used both logic and chaos, that should mean it would be more familiar to her than anyone else. Instead, the more she looked at it, the more she felt she was missing something important.

The Starwatcher spoke to Daxia.

"Fae tablet.. tablet just like them. Alone. Separate. Unknown. I do not believe tablets represent powers. Believe they represent People. Places. Things. All are bound by Time. Rhoni are people. Forest is Place. We know strange creatures, those summoned and controlled, are drawn from elemental spheres. Life, Death are our sunrise, sunset where each personal time on Heartwood begins and ends. The Fae? Fae are both people and place.

"Perhaps this why many runes do not show up in Clock.

"You maybe right.

"Question might not be how... but some manner of why."

Nizhentska shook herself, clearing metaphorical stars from her eyes.


"I am no one's gift!"

Her statement was much more self-centered, returning back to the here and now, where it wasn't the idea of snow that made her sneeze but the fact that it was just, well, cold. Her nose wrinkled up; she looked annoyed again.

"But first time... first time tossed at anyone.

"Not just out."

* * * *

OOC: Good news! Both Daxia and Lyric asked or brought up so many interesting things in their two posts! Bad news! It was impossible to answer everything in one post. Good News! If there's anything that wasn't responded to that you'd still like to know, feel free to re-ask in your next post. smile
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NMC: Neverending Movie Chain
Sat 18/01/20 18:35 UTC
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SIX: 6 Takes
Sat 18/01/20 01:42 UTC
Hee hee.

I'll get the new game up sometime this weekend.
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Fri 17/01/20 16:22 UTC

He took the key, giving his thanks.

Arus wasn't consciously charming, he didn't turn it on for the ladies. It was just his triton character, raised to always be courteous even when despatching an enemy at swordpoint.

Perhaps it was a form of discipline. A paladin had to somehow distinguish themselves from the foes they fought, since there was often little to distinguish their deeds.

It would be disingenuous to say that Arus was ambivalent to women though. He loved them and loving was his favourite past-time.

Though Urgala wasn't interested, the triton was unfazed, not looking for a distraction. He wanted to get to the tavern and pursue his mission.

So he didn't linger long in his room, depositing his pack and rather conspicuous trident. It hadn't seemed so out of place in the river town, Yartar. There were no fish to spear in Triboar unless they were already served on a plate.

Arus ripped off a couple of pieces of dried sausage from his rations, then headed out.

In the hallway, he threw the morsels to the mastiffs as he retrieved his cloak.

"Don't wait up." He said to them wryly.

Then he ventured forth into the night, into the town. To the sign of the Talking Troll.
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Fri 17/01/20 13:00 UTC
Then stop being so clever! grin No sympathy from the ACRO gallery! wink
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Message Gaming Centre
Fri 17/01/20 12:55 UTC
PCT 2 has closed permanently
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General Discussion
Thu 16/01/20 18:56 UTC
Happy Birthday Pande! What Mike said.
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NML: Call of Cthulhu - The Horror of No Man’s Land
Wed 15/01/20 20:43 UTC
Muddy did post a week ago saying he was hoping to be back shortly.
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Wed 15/01/20 19:09 UTC
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General Discussion
Wed 15/01/20 16:48 UTC
Gypsy, I'll whap Ken and MikeD to keep em in line for you! smile
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Wed 15/01/20 00:35 UTC
I've seen Rush three times over the years. One of my favorite groups. Limelight is my ringtone. a sadness to know he is gone
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