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NDT: Night's Dark Terror
Sun 16/12/18 01:26 UTC

He nodded when his elven druid companion mentioned a large bear form.

"Or is there room here for an aurochs?"
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TOG: Neverending Movie Chain
Sun 16/12/18 01:18 UTC
Denholm Elliott
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Sun 16/12/18 01:17 UTC
Weez, your turn is confirmed and cleared.

Turn 14

Roll 1 - 2,4,3,5,2 Reroll 2
Roll 2 - 3-------- Reroll 3, needing 1 or 6
Roll 3 - 3

Somebody kick that dice roller!

2,3,3,4,5 - 3s up top, column 2.
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Sun 16/12/18 01:13 UTC
Turn 11

Roll 1 - 4,1,1,5,2 I hate 1s... Reroll 4,5,2
Roll 2 - 1,1,5---- Except when I can roll 5 of 'em - Reroll 5
Roll 3 - 5

I hate 1s...

1,1,1,1,5 - 1s up top, column 3.
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Sun 16/12/18 01:00 UTC
Well, Ken, I'd say I was sorry, but I'm afraid I'd be lying. smile

Turn 11

Roll 1 - 6,3,2,2,6 Reroll 3
Roll 2 - 6

2,2,6,6,6 - Full House...
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HWD: The Heartwood
Sat 15/12/18 20:38 UTC
in my SCA days, I was our local Baron's bodyguard.

Once a Knight of higher rank - a Duke I believe - approached our Baron, in court, forgetting he still wore his sword. When I stepped up and stopped him he went:

"HOW dare ... oh ... uhm ... yes ... right ... sorry ..."
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HWD: The Heartwood
Sat 15/12/18 20:34 UTC

The Heartwood
Dawnview Vale
Snowgate Keep, Snowgate Hall
Hasday, the Twelfth Day of Tiger

Cesare, Daxia, Lyric, Anatoli, Eleni, Kasha, Kisa, Nadya, Rishka, Slink, TeeCee, and those still around partaking of Eleni’s Court

Lyric was absolutely correct. There were two threats in the court of Eleni Allaine. Perhaps, if one were a touch cynical, there were three. But the last was over rather quickly. Eleni blinked, once, twice and then thrice. That was expected, her head had taken a sharp rap when her head had hit the floor. That, however, was not what made her eyes go wide and her cheeks a deeper red than her short hair.


"My Lady?"

"...uhm... ah... uhm... your... uhm... hand?"


The lad immediately pushed himself backward, as fast and as hard as he could, in absolute panic. Which of course had him seeing stars, now kneeling on the floor after his had head inevitably slammed back against the big wooden table.

At the door, the original threat was resolved. Or, at the least, it had come to a stand-off that was a battle of will and words. When Daxia lowered her sword, the remaining guard removed his hand from the hilt of his sword. He did not offer a word but watched the exchange between his employers and the Dayalan like a mountain hawk. The one who had bit his lip shifted uncomfortably, looking between the other merchant and the angry Yurisdotter. The other merchant matched her gaze, still and with almost equal resolve.

"I'm shocked. Shocked that my hireling would do such a thing."

His words were smooth but oily as if that should have been a well-expected answer. The unexpected answer, however, came from Rishka. She drew up the fallen man's arm by the wrist, letting the sleeve of his tunic fall, to expose a marking inked into his forearm, a few fingers below his wrist. It was a small checkerboard.

"Krysta's cold and icy smile. When did you annoy the Imperial Guard..."

Her expression then changed, darkening, when two of her own puzzle pieces suddenly fit together.

"...may your fortunes be better than ours."


"Kasha! Those merchants, have they cleared the gates?"

The blonde Dayalan turned on her heels and vanished back into the courtyard. The dark-haired initiate then focused her attention again on Daxia.

"When did you manage to annoy House Velikii?"

Once the Captain saw that the chances of more bloodshed at the keep's threshold were no longer high, her attention snapped down the hall, to the second threat against the Allaine sisters. There was no other term to describe it. How were they supposed to react? A man had charged their Nobles, bearing steel past the Court's forbidden line. And when his path was barred by a rightful sentry, his response was to magic himself behind her, his deadly daggers still out. How could there be any other response?

Slink spun immediately on her heel, and was once again facing Cesare. This time, however, her blade was even with his neck. But she didn't need to say a thing, as a final question about Eleni's Court was answered. Would they truly have the Khorall of Allaine be without a personal guard? As his attention was elsewhere, it was Eleni who could not help but see Nadya command Kisa to the far door with a wave of her hand as she far too quietly walked up behind Cesare and their Slink. Cesare felt the blade's point — probably a very heavy dagger — at the very center of his back.

"You will place those two knives on the floor. And I recommend staying down there with them."

She then echoed Daxia's words.

"Do not...



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LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver
Sat 15/12/18 18:18 UTC

She is unsure about hurting anyone but can't stand there and do nothing. She casts sleep at where she thinks the bugbears are.
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6 Takes
Sat 15/12/18 16:38 UTC
Order of Play:
  • Weez - 17
  • Gypsy - 22
  • AJ - 31
  • Exeter - 32
  • Argus - 55

As predicted, everyone takes a shot at busting Row 1, but Weez is the most serious about taking that point. Gypsy and Argus throw a few high point cards onto the row, though, trapping anyone above 55 in an ugly stand-off.
 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  17 |  22 |  31 |  32 |  55 | xxx |      15
|     |  *5 |     |     |  *7 |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  92 |  97 |  99 |     |     | xxx |      7
|     |     |  *5 |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  19 |  20 |  27 | 101 |     | xxx |      6
|     |  *3 |     |     |     |  x  |      
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  66 |  78 | 102 | 103 | 104 | xxx |      9
|  *5 |     |     |     |     |  x  |      
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General Discussion
Sat 15/12/18 14:04 UTC
The longest reigning and I believe the oldest Monarch ever.

Her Mom made it to 101.

Not that I want to jinx him but I would not be surprised if Charles is never King.
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Message Gaming Centre
Sat 15/12/18 13:55 UTC
SGM has closed temporarily
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6 Takes
Sat 15/12/18 11:43 UTC
Round 2 Turn 6

 START                          BUST   CURRENT
 CARD                           ROW    ROW TOTAL
   V                             V
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|   7 |     |     |     |     | xxx |     1
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  10 |  39 |  44 |  75 |  92 | xxx |     12
|  *3 |     |  *5 |  *2 |     |  x  |
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |
|  29 |  32 |  86 |  93 |  96 | xxx |     5
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |  
|     |     |     |     |     |  x  |   
|  45 |  48 |  98 | 103 |     | xxx |     5
|  *2 |     |     |     |     |  x  |

Play in order of lowest card first:

Aqua 2
Exeter 14
Weez 38
Argus 57
AJ 73

Aqua cannot resist that twinkling little 1 point bust on row 1 and uses his 2 to smash it! grin

So courtesy of Aqua, everyone else is safe following him onto that first row. smile

Now only someone with a 104 might be safe, if someone has it! wink

Next choices via PM please.
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General Discussion
Sat 15/12/18 07:18 UTC
Scarce online as I am at Jyonz's house for the weekend
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Sat 15/12/18 03:19 UTC
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NDT: Night's Dark Terror
Fri 14/12/18 19:50 UTC

Gracie's grey wolf watches with a concerned frown as Zach calls upon his faith to heal her.

With the pain and shock, and the bloody chaos of close fighting, the Callarii girl might have forgotten that she shares the same faith and has---possibly, she might doubt herself---the power to heal magically.

But at Zach's touch, her gory wounds are infused with warm light and cease to bleed, flesh and bone knitting in round, lumpy scars at the end of each finger stump.

There is a goblin clamour on the other side of the door, and most of the party prepare to continue the fight. Airlyn unlashes her iron crowbar though, and presses it with restrained violence into each hinge, creasing the barrels onto the pins, then bends the door so that its bottom digs into the floor. It won't open without bronze grinding on stone.

Meanwhile, Panim and Maddox have scouted ahead a few yards.

The narrow corridor ends in equally narrow and enclosed stairs down into darkness. The crypt, and as Gracie reminds everyone, lair of two hungry gelatinous cubes.

By Panim's light, Maddox finds evidence of other dangers lurking beyond.

A trail of blood drops in the dust, heading the same way as the party. Red blood.

And there, he sees obvious scuffs from hardened leather soles and scrapes on the walls from metal chapes.

Goblins have neither red blood, fancy shoes, nor scabbards.

The Iron Ring must have escaped this way.

Entering a crypt, you would never do so carelessly. Light is mustered, weapons are kept at the ready, and the tread is lightly.

A crpyt might be the right place for the dead, but it's a wrong place to die.


[Go to NDT25: Crypt]
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NDT: Night's Dark Terror
Fri 14/12/18 19:20 UTC
Yes, great sword was a beast but used more like a polearm than a normal sword.

When were all these swords contemporary anyway, in the real world?

Falxes were notably used in the Dacian Wars, in the 100s AD.

The English seax was in vogue in the 900s AD.

The famous Cluny Falchion, dates from around 1400 AD.

Oakeshott XVIIIb type longswords were common around 1450-1500 AD, and prolifically made, the same as their one-handed counterparts.

But the party also looted a sword-breaker from Gactis, a type of parrying dagger used in the late-1500s/early-1600s AD.

[Linked Image]

It's now carried by Narin, along with the falchion. Distinctive, isn't it. The serations were used for trapping longsword blades, and are illustrated in documents as withstanding two-handed blows. Quite handy, I expect, if you were wielding a rapier vs a longsword. You wouldn't want to parry such a heavy blow with your rapier blade if you could avoid it.
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TOG: Target & Other Games
Fri 14/12/18 15:33 UTC
Given the letters below, can you come up with words made from these letters. Letters may not be used more than once unless they appear more than once in the list. Words must have at least 3 letters, no proper names, abbreviations or foreign words allowed but plurals are! And to reach your target your answer must contain at least one word using all the letters provided.


Target number of words:
Good = 12 - 15
Very good = 16 - 19
Excellent = 20 - 23
Perfect = 24

PM or email your answers to me and I will provide the definitive answer on Friday. smile
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TOG: Target & Other Games
Fri 14/12/18 15:31 UTC

amen, amens
ease, enema. enemas
man, men, mane, mans, mean, mesa, manes, manse, means
nee, name, names
sea, see, same, sane, seam, seem, seen, semen, seamen
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Wed 12/12/18 11:25 UTC
Well done! grin
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NML: Call of Cthulhu - The Horror of No Man’s Land
Tue 11/12/18 01:37 UTC

He turned from one of his friends to the other and back, trying to keep up with their translations from French to English, as he spoke no French himself.
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6 Takes
Mon 10/12/18 22:50 UTC
You should have an A handle like the cool kids! grin
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HWD: Gallery
Mon 10/12/18 21:47 UTC
Main Hall, Snowgate Keep
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HWD: The Heartwood
Mon 10/12/18 14:57 UTC

She was glad that she decided to join her friends in the market.

She looked down at Tomomi with a serious look and at the same time a knowing smile.

"You are welcome here. I will not tell you that it will be that way everywhere, but here it will always be that way."

"As far as a gift of finery, I think she'd definitely love it. Everyone loves to dress in style and grace at times. I think you'll find it brings tears of joy. On the rare occasions when I wear something other than my robe of white, I love to dress like a Princess."
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TFS: The Fading Suns
Sun 09/12/18 15:18 UTC

Sasha nodded at his first suggestion and stood at his side as he attempted to find out whether the face was legitimate or just a mask.

She scowled at his other suggestion, obviously not all that pleased with it, but then she shrugged.

"Well, it is his ship."
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General Discussion
Sun 09/12/18 10:47 UTC
Thanks Gypsy! smile
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