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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Fri 05/06/20 00:54 UTC

She nodded at Sirra. "Sounds good."

"I'd rather you led, Sirra. That will leave Jix free to give you covering fire if you run into hostiles."

She noted Preach doing what he was doing.
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Fri 05/06/20 00:33 UTC

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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Fri 05/06/20 00:32 UTC
I was waiting for Zeim and Neil to go for Silvaren and Narth but then the giants go and with double move after double move without having to worry about difficult terrain like members of the party do, the giants will pull away and soon meet their friends. An orog, an or orc and a few magmin will also slow the party down. With a few very hurt individuals, it's time to call the battle and move on with the aftermath....
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NMC: Neverending Movie Chain
Fri 05/06/20 00:32 UTC
Hotel Transylvania
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Fri 05/06/20 00:22 UTC

He watched and listened, it seemed much of what his lot in life was. It really wasn't but here he didn't Want to offer bad information which might get someone hurt or worse. They all knew he wasn't the best climber. So he would wait and go when they knew where to go. For now, he turned his attention the desert. To that end, it occurred to him that there was a much easier way to see if there were any living things in the relic before them. Settling on to the saddle a bit more, he opened his mind and sought for signs of life or anything else interesting that The Force might tell him.
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 23:48 UTC

She looks and considers silently for a while.

“Yeah. That seems to about cover it. I could probably recognize potential entry points pretty well, First order isn’t the Empire, but they share their design aesthetic.”

She looks around the group.

“Unless I miss my guess our best climbers are probably me and perhaps Jix. So at least one of us should probably lead and map out the best route To get the rest up?”
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NMC: Neverending Movie Chain
Thu 04/06/20 23:27 UTC
Steve Buscemi
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 20:07 UTC
Jelly Bean


Jelly Bean looked sidelong to Sirra and pointed again, this time toward a point further up the Star Destroyer's main hull.

"I think we ride up the the dorsal line, climb each tier as we come to it, duck into the shade along the starboard side of center... start looking for a way in... If we can't get in, then the climb only gets more farkled from there... up the tower neck... and that means we'll need to circle around to the back corner so we aren't trying to climb sheer... and we can't climb negative. The higher we go, the more narrow the path. Need to be looking for airlocks or empty escape pod bays... something with a hatch we can breach- even better if we just find a good tear in the plating. Won't know until we get there..."
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 19:45 UTC

He had put on his old hat to keep the sun off of his face as they stood there, looking up at the metal monstrosity before them. The thought of spending most of your life inside one of those sterile coffins out in the depth of space was enough to make his shudder a little. Definitely not a life that he had ever wanted or sought.

But still he had found his way here now with his companions and it was his duty to watch out over them and keep them safe so that those with the proper knowledge could accomplish the mission.

Amos tugged on the harness of his beast and sent it slowly forward to work his way up to their destination.
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 19:20 UTC

"You know spaceships," she responded with a smile. "That's way ahead of most of us. If we assume this thing was designed sensibly and logically, you will have a reasonable idea of where things ought to be. And Sirra might remember from her visit, where things were."

"Failing that, we keep an eye out on the way for any defunct droid that we might be able to power up and or repair that might have a schematic of the ship."
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 19:12 UTC

Jelly Bean


Winta's appointment surprised her a little. Jelly bean knew that when she was in the pilot's chair, that was her place to lead. But this?

"All Sirra," she replied to Winta. "I've never been in one either. I mean, this thing's been on the ground since before I was born.. I just know spaceships... and i have these," she added with a gesture to her googles. "I could see what looked like the best place to put a bridge. And I can see that getting there won't be easy, even with the lizards."
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 19:00 UTC

She's content to let those with the right knowledge lead - she had never encountered a star destroyer before and would be no help in navigating a route.

"Sirra? Jelly Bean? It sounds like you guys know where we should be going. Lead on with Amos."

"I'll pick up the rear with 2BB-2."
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Thu 04/06/20 17:59 UTC
eclaasse's Turn 10

1 3 5 3 1 - Rerolling 3 5 3
4 1 1 ----- Rerolling 4

Score: 1 1 1 1 6

Oh, the dilemma! Either a low-scoring 4oK (which is better than a 0 when we're almost at the end) or 1s...I think I'm going to be a risk taker and go with 1s. We'll see next week whether I pay or play!

And I'd so hoped to copy Ken's 8th turn!
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 17:56 UTC
Imperial Star Destroyer Inflictor

Jelly Bean


Jelly Bean sat for a moment, surveying the horizon. She clicked through the settings on her goggles to get as much distance as possible, and then focused on any individual things she thought might need to be seen. From left to right, scanning. She didn't want to be surprised by anyone skimming across the desert. Lastly she reduced the range to normal and then focused on the Inflictor and zoomed in as much as necessary. She needed to see who might be there already and then scout the best way up the tower, and since it leaned forward that meant the forward face of it was a negative ascent. Nothing was ever easy, right?

The Twi'lek sidled her varactyl alongside Jix's Varactyl as she lifted the googles to her forehead. She pointed to the large roughly rectangular superstructure that sat atop the main triangular body of the massive ship.

"That whole thing is the command and control tower," she said as she let her finger drift from left to right. Then back to a point near the middle of the imposing mass of metal.

"The main bridge though, that's where we need to start..."
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Thu 04/06/20 17:52 UTC
eclaasse's Turn 9

4 5 5 1 6 - Rerolling 4 1 6
2 1 6 ----- Rerolling 2 1 6
2 6 2

Score: 5 5 2 6 2

Chance, please.
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 15:52 UTC

She looks over the ship, watching for movement mainly. It would be naive to assume they are alone here. Likely to be hidden inside but she still looks for signs, even tracks in the sand but if there are any they would be very recent, sand shifts continually.

"So where is the Command Tower?"

This is where they are supposed to be heading. Would be good if someone knows where it is.
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Thu 04/06/20 15:26 UTC
Weez, your turn verified & cleared smile
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Thu 04/06/20 15:18 UTC
Ballistic Launch Energised Via Electronics to send my ACRO wink
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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 15:15 UTC

The old man was thankful for the chance to drink some water after the long dry ride. Even covered up sand got into everything from his eyes nose and mouth to places deep inside of his robes. A quick shift to dislodge some pesky bit of grit while he considers his route.

Sirra speaks and the old man listens. He knows about these merely from tales. Though he has traveled this galaxy and done many things, being on a star destroyer wasn't among his accomplishments. But hearing a piece of his normally quiet team speak was worth much more to him. People were what mattered in this galaxy, not things.

He didn't say much, what could he say. They came to do a job and he had little to say about it at the moment. So he remained quiet listening.
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Thu 04/06/20 14:56 UTC
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Game Forum Requests
Thu 04/06/20 12:55 UTC
1. Games Master's Name: Silkenray
2. Name of New Game: Death at Robin’s Roost
3. Game Code: DRR
4. Adults Only: Yes (just so we can curse!)
5. Game System and/or Setting: Systemless
6. Forum List Category: This Day and Ages Gone
7. Forum List Description: Trapped on an island in the middle of a hurricane, her family tries to unravel the mystery of who murdered Lady Haricot.
8. Forum Image (if any): [img]https://ibb.co/y63x9BX[/img]
9. Can players start new threads (default is no): Yes
10. Can players add pics to posts (default is no): Yes
11. Average post-rate/week: Minimum 1, maximum - be sensible and don’t overwhelm the other players
12. Name of Sub-forum?: Robin’s Roost gallery
13. Is this a Gallery or 'Regular' forum?: Gallery
14. Can players start threads (default is no): Yes
15. Can players add new pics (if non-gallery, default is no): yes
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NMC: Neverending Movie Chain
Thu 04/06/20 06:59 UTC
Escape from L.A.
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Thu 04/06/20 06:46 UTC

Gas safety is the first thing we cover in gas engineering, and one of the first things we cover in gas safety is the Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapour Explosion. It's a worst case scenario with a gas tank in a fire.

It's also pretty awesome!

So, today your new ACRO is:

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CFH: A Call For Heroes
Thu 04/06/20 06:36 UTC
Thanks Art. There it is. Looks like fun day out, doesn't it! grin
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Thu 04/06/20 06:31 UTC
[Linked Image]
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