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Information Centre Information Centre
For help, news, and announcements directly related to DreamLyrics™ Play-by-Post.
Last Post Mon 05/04/21 13:09 UTC, by Gypsy
41 121
Mon 05/04/21 13:09 UTC
by Gypsy
Our Community Our Community
Community talk, come and go as you please. Say hello, catch up, share your views and opinions, and get to know each other better.
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 13:33 UTC, by MikeD
533 5,246
Sat 10/04/21 13:33 UTC
by MikeD
Play-by-Post Game Studio Play-by-Post Game Studio
For starting and running a play-by-post game, including gauging interest, recruiting players, and getting advice and assistance with your game.
Last Post Fri 12/03/21 16:23 UTC, by nem
90 1,348
Fri 12/03/21 16:23 UTC
by nem
Fun & Games
The DreamPlay Team presents: board games, word games and card games, sports and trivia.
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ACR: ACRO ACR: ACRO (1 viewing)
A game where players have to come up with original and amusing definitions of a given acronym
Moderated by: Weez
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 01:34 UTC, by Weez
344 2,420
Sat 10/04/21 01:34 UTC
by Weez
NMC: Neverending Movie Chain NMC: Neverending Movie Chain
Name a movie> Name an actor in said movie> Name another movie of said actor> Name another actor in said movie... No pauses, no spills and no regurgitation!
Moderated by: Gryphon, Gypsy
Subforums: Galley: Stars and Titles
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 08:20 UTC, by nem
29 4,162
Sat 10/04/21 08:20 UTC
by nem
SIX: 6 Takes SIX: 6 Takes (1 viewing)
For games of 6 Takes, based on Wolfgang Kramer's classic card game.
Moderated by: AquaDyne, Gypsy
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 10:34 UTC, by Gypsy
94 1,160
Sat 10/04/21 10:34 UTC
by Gypsy
YTZ: Yahtzee! YTZ: Yahtzee!
Play Yahtzee! on-line. Games starting regularly. Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee are trademarks of Hasbro Inc. DreamLyrics is not affiliated with or approved by Hasbro Inc. in any way.
Moderated by: Argus, Gypsy, Weez
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 10:27 UTC, by Gypsy
50 1,240
Sat 10/04/21 10:27 UTC
by Gypsy
The mists of enchantment. Role-playing games in the fantasy genre.
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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Ages ago, giants and dragons waged war across the Savage Frontier. These battles are long forgotten by the human civilizations of today, but ancient relics remain. And now, the land shudders once more with the thunder of giant footsteps.Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 10:50 UTC, by Gypsy
30 2,159
Sat 10/04/21 10:50 UTC
by Gypsy
Alternate Reality
Through the looking glass. For role-playing games set in alternate realities, post-apocalypse, super heroes, etc.
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AGF: KenSeg's All Games Forum† AGF: KenSeg's All Games Forum†
Minimum age restriction applies A home where players can play different genres in individual threads, all under the AGF umbrella.Systemless
Last Post Sat 10/04/21 01:33 UTC, by KenSeg
218 129,081
PHX: Phoenix Reform Academy PHX: Phoenix Reform Academy (1 viewing)
Bad to the Bone...
In the blood...
In the DNA...
You can't help it - Or can you?Systemless
Moderated by: Art in the Blood
Subforums: PHX: Imagery
Last Post Wed 07/04/21 01:09 UTC, by Art in the Blood
40 1,089
Wed 07/04/21 01:09 UTC
by Art in the Blood
Science Fiction
Beyond the stars. Science fiction role-playing, in any of a myriad of futures, near or far.
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CFH: A Call For Heroes CFH: A Call For Heroes
"I've never met a Resistance fighter before." "Well this is what we look like. Some of us. Others look different." --Rey and Finn
A beginner game, set during the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Star Wars: The Force Awakens Beginner Game
Moderated by: nem
Last Post Mon 05/04/21 22:24 UTC, by Art in the Blood
26 1,380
Mon 05/04/21 22:24 UTC
by Art in the Blood
Hall of Fame
Here be legends! Our completed play-by-post games and the unfinished archives.
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AIS: Adventures In Savanik AIS: Adventures In Savanik
Continuing the adventure to Great Island and beyond.Fudge
Moderated by: Dugan
Last Post Fri 05/02/21 15:00 UTC, by nemarsde
15 3,514
Fri 05/02/21 15:00 UTC
by nemarsde
Minimum age restriction applies I had no hope. I knew there was no way out. They had more. They didn't know there was no way out. All the rest, they had all the hope in the world. They didn't know they had to get out in the first place.Homebrew
Moderated by: Wolf
Last Post Sun 08/04/18 17:02 UTC, by Wolf
86 2,463
Sun 08/04/18 17:02 UTC
by Wolf
CotB: Children of the Bush† CotB: Children of the Bush†
Minimum age restriction applies 1969. A squad travels up the Srepok River to investigate VC activity on the basis of some intel. Enemy combatants and the jungle out to get them. Survive the horrors of war only to be faced with an entirely different kind of horror. Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition
Moderated by: Pandemonium
Last Post Fri 12/12/14 11:20 UTC, by nemarsde
7 749
Fri 12/12/14 11:20 UTC
by nemarsde
HHE: The Haunted Helm HHE: The Haunted Helm (1 viewing)
A beginners adventure in the Dragon Empire. There is a monster to slay and a ghost to lay to rest, with the fate of an entire town at stake.13th Age
Moderated by: nem
Last Post Mon 16/05/16 23:44 UTC, by Pandemonium
27 2,090
Mon 16/05/16 23:44 UTC
by Pandemonium
HWD: The Heartwood HWD: The Heartwood (3 viewing)
What makes a hero, what makes a villain? Do heroes truly step out of the whole cloth of a minstrel's tale or are they simply ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events? Take a walk upon The Heartwood and find out.RuneQuest
Moderated by: Wolf
Last Post Sun 31/05/20 18:36 UTC, by Wolf
87 8,350
Sun 31/05/20 18:36 UTC
by Wolf
INS: In Space No-One Can Hear You Scream INS: In Space No-One Can Hear You Scream
The far reaches of space. Code 21. Emergency assist/recovery of the USCSS Chenault.Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition
Moderated by: nem
Last Post Sun 02/08/20 15:50 UTC, by nemarsde
23 1,562
Sun 02/08/20 15:50 UTC
by nemarsde
IWD: Ironwood† IWD: Ironwood†
Minimum age restriction applies Battle power hungry wizards, trolls, demons, golems and reticulated pit vipers, encounter bad-assed centaurs, gnomes and elves and in the process save this world and maybe your own. Say, did I mention the 'S' word yet? S-E-X. There it is right out in front. Ironwood has to be saved because the sex there is even more fantastic than the Ancient Forest's fantastical denizens.Cortex Plus Drama
Moderated by: Don
Subforums: IWD: Information, IWD: Ancient Archives
Last Post Mon 02/09/19 16:38 UTC, by MikeD
47 4,161
Mon 02/09/19 16:38 UTC
by MikeD
IT2: IT 2012† IT2: IT 2012†
Minimum age restriction applies IT has returned.Systemless
Moderated by: Barry Mulvihill
Last Post Mon 01/12/14 12:39 UTC, by Gypsy
2 13
Mon 01/12/14 12:39 UTC
by Gypsy
LGO: Life Goes On† LGO: Life Goes On†
Minimum age restriction applies Life. Every day you get up, get ready, see the kids off to school, go to work, dream of doing something different. Something. Anything but just sitting in that cubicle until your arteries hardened and your heart explodes and you die. Anything at all. But then Life Goes On.Systemless
Moderated by: KenSeg
Last Post Fri 28/11/14 12:09 UTC, by nemarsde
22 6,190
Fri 28/11/14 12:09 UTC
by nemarsde
LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver
A simple delivery job turns into an adventure!Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Moderated by: Neptune, Zeim
Last Post Sat 31/08/19 07:38 UTC, by nemarsde
33 9,490
Sat 31/08/19 07:38 UTC
by nemarsde
NDT: Night's Dark Terror NDT: Night's Dark Terror (1 viewing)
Barely one day's march from Kelvin, the uncharted tracts of Dymrak Forest conceal horrors enough to freeze the blood of civilised folk. Those who have ventured there tell how death comes quick to the unwary---for the woods at night are far worse than any dungeon.Dungeon World
Moderated by: nem
Last Post Sun 02/08/20 15:32 UTC, by nemarsde
56 4,777
Sun 02/08/20 15:32 UTC
by nemarsde
OAHE: Once upon an All Hallows Eve OAHE: Once upon an All Hallows Eve
Sharpen your claws. Use your magic, protect your burdens (aka humans). Make the world a safer place. Play a cat who has magical powers in a modern fantasy world.The Secrets of Cats
Moderated by: Pandemonium
Last Post Sun 08/04/18 15:14 UTC, by nemarsde
27 1,892
Sun 08/04/18 15:14 UTC
by nemarsde
TVS: The Vessel of Stars TVS: The Vessel of Stars (4 viewing)
The heroes find themselves escorting a child monarch to a mysterious location in the Stonefist Hold, stalked by extraplanar horrors, alien assassins, and secret forces.Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition
Moderated by: nem
Last Post Thu 02/09/10 05:14 UTC, by Nicki Jett
71 5,439
Thu 02/09/10 05:14 UTC
by Nicki Jett
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