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For all members needs. Our community, tech support, and admin area.
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General Discussion General Discussion
Community talk, come and go as you please. Say hello, catch up, share your views and opinions, and get to know each other better.
Subforums: Magazine
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 14:04 UTC, by Don
57 653
Sat 15/12/18 14:04 UTC
by Don
Help Help
For tech support, FAQs, and user feedback.
Last Post Sun 09/12/18 10:11 UTC, by Gypsy
32 156
Sun 09/12/18 10:11 UTC
by Gypsy
Information Centre Information Centre
Info & member recommendations
Last Post Sun 25/11/18 01:13 UTC, by Mina
239 2,511
Sun 25/11/18 01:13 UTC
by Mina
Noticeboard Noticeboard (1 viewing)
For news and announcements directly related to DreamLyrics™ Message Gaming.
Last Post Thu 22/11/18 19:40 UTC, by MikeD
16 260
Thu 22/11/18 19:40 UTC
by MikeD
Message Gaming Centre Message Gaming Centre (1 viewing)
For starting and running a message game, including gauging interest, recruiting players, and getting advice and assistance with your game.
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 13:55 UTC, by Gypsy
45 736
Sat 15/12/18 13:55 UTC
by Gypsy
New Members - Getting Started
To help new members find their way around our site
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New Member Information New Member Information
How to Get Started
Last Post Tue 18/09/18 10:39 UTC, by Gypsy
6 20
Tue 18/09/18 10:39 UTC
by Gypsy
Fun & Games
The DreamPlay Team presents: board games, word games and card games, sports and trivia.
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A game where players have to come up with original and amusing definitions of a given acronym
Moderated by: Weez
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 03:19 UTC, by Gryphon
128 740
Sat 15/12/18 03:19 UTC
by Gryphon
TOG: Target & Other Games TOG: Target & Other Games
For all one off trivia quizzes
Last Post Sun 16/12/18 01:18 UTC, by Exeter
64 2,733
Sun 16/12/18 01:18 UTC
by Exeter
YTZ: Yahtzee! YTZ: Yahtzee!
Play Yahtzee! on-line. Games starting regularly. Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee are trademarks of Hasbro Inc. DreamLyrics is not affiliated with or approved by Hasbro Inc. in any way.
Moderated by: Argus, eclaasse, Exeter, Gypsy, Weez
Last Post Sun 16/12/18 01:17 UTC, by Exeter
33 801
Sun 16/12/18 01:17 UTC
by Exeter
The mists of enchantment. Role-playing games in the fantasy genre.
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AIS: Adventures In Savanik AIS: Adventures In Savanik
Continuing the adventure to Great Island and beyond.
Moderated by: Dugan
Last Post Wed 12/12/18 17:21 UTC, by Exeter
11 2,574
Wed 12/12/18 17:21 UTC
by Exeter
HWD: The Heartwood HWD: The Heartwood (4 viewing)
What makes a hero, what makes a villain? Do heroes truly step out of the whole cloth of a minstrel's tale or are they simply ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events? Take a walk upon The Heartwood and find out.
Moderated by: Wolf
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 20:38 UTC, by Wolf
76 8,024
Sat 15/12/18 20:38 UTC
by Wolf
IWD: Ironwood† IWD: Ironwood†
Minimum age restriction applies Battle power hungry wizards, trolls, demons, golems and reticulated pit vipers, encounter bad-assed centaurs, gnomes and elves and in the process save this world and maybe your own. Say, did I mention the 'S' word yet? S-E-X. There it is right out in front. Ironwood has to be saved because the sex there is even more fantastic than the Ancient Forest's fantastical denizens.
Last Post Fri 14/12/18 18:35 UTC, by Don
46 3,936
LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver LMP: Lost Mines of Phandelver (8 viewing)
A simple delivery job turns into an adventure!
Moderated by: Neptune, Zeim
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 18:18 UTC, by Gypsy
31 8,861
Sat 15/12/18 18:18 UTC
by Gypsy
NDT: Night's Dark Terror NDT: Night's Dark Terror (1 viewing)
Barely one day's march from Kelvin, the uncharted tracts of Dymrak Forest conceal horrors enough to freeze the blood of civilised folk. Those who have ventured there tell how death comes quick to the unwary---for the woods at night are far worse than any dungeon.
Moderated by: nemarsde
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 17:42 UTC, by Nivek
47 3,970
Sat 15/12/18 17:42 UTC
by Nivek
Alternate Reality
Through the looking glass. For role-playing games set in alternate realities, post-apocalypse, super heroes, etc.
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AGF: KenSeg's All Games Forum† AGF: KenSeg's All Games Forum† (1 viewing)
Minimum age restriction applies A home where players can play different genres in individual threads, all under the AGF umbrella.
Moderated by: Asta, KenSeg
Subforums: TNL - Seth Palmer
Last Post Sun 16/12/18 01:08 UTC, by KenSeg
167 101,040
Sun 16/12/18 01:08 UTC
by KenSeg
BTS: Beyond the Shadows† BTS: Beyond the Shadows†
Minimum age restriction applies While the threat from the Shadow has been all but eliminated for another million and a half years, the Shadow-kin still hide among us. There will always be evil off which it can feed. It's not getting any less busy for super heroes.
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 13:57 UTC, by Kel
97 2,157
CCC: Changeling Court Chicago CCC: Changeling Court Chicago
Dreaming and Mystery among the Fae of the Kingdom of the Winds - More prosaically known as Chicago.
Moderated by: Art in the Blood
Last Post Tue 11/12/18 15:27 UTC, by Pandemonium
9 478
Tue 11/12/18 15:27 UTC
by Pandemonium
TNL: The Northern Lights† TNL: The Northern Lights†
Minimum age restriction appliesGods of old are stir, threatening to wake and seize control of the world they consider theirs. Who will stop them?
Moderated by: Asta
Last Post Sat 15/12/18 22:53 UTC, by KenSeg
22 14,328
Sat 15/12/18 22:53 UTC
by KenSeg
Science Fiction
Beyond the stars. Science fiction role-playing, in any of a myriad of futures, near or far.
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DAE: Daedalus DAE: Daedalus
A new Era, a New ship, a new Crew.
Moderated by: Art in the Blood
Last Post Fri 14/12/18 17:53 UTC, by KenSeg
25 614
Fri 14/12/18 17:53 UTC
by KenSeg
Today and ages gone. Role-playing modern or historical drama.
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KOB: Kids On Bikes KOB: Kids On Bikes
Kids on bikes, roaming unsupervised in a small town. What could happen? Inspired by Stranger Things, E.T., and Stephen King's It.
Moderated by: Amadan
Last Post Thu 13/12/18 11:49 UTC, by Gypsy
5 111
Thu 13/12/18 11:49 UTC
by Gypsy
PCT2: Palm Crescent† PCT2: Palm Crescent†
Minimum age restriction applies An open-ended soap opera set in Southern California. Movies. Music. Millionaires. And just regular folks.
Moderated by: Angrboða, J-J Vomact
Last Post Thu 13/12/18 04:20 UTC, by Angrboða
41 2,168
Thu 13/12/18 04:20 UTC
by Angrboða
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