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For all members needs. Our community, tech support, and admin area.
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General Discussion (2 viewing)
Community talk, come and go as you please. Say hello, catch up, share your views and opinions, and get to know each other better.
Subforums: Magazine
97 1318
Re: Member Survey: The Bea...
(MikeD) - Tue 22/07/14 14:42 BST
For tech support, FAQs, and user feedback.
22 147
Re: Any Problems? Post Her...
(MikeD) - Wed 16/07/14 13:24 BST
Information Centre
Info & member recommendations
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Re: Neverending Fantasy/SF...
(Raven) - Today at 16:26
For news and announcements directly related to DreamLyrics™ Message Gaming.
11 75
Planned Maintenance 7th Ju...
(pchan) - Wed 02/07/14 16:54 BST
Message Gaming Centre (2 viewing)
For starting and running a message game, including gauging interest, recruiting players, and getting advice and assistance with your game.
34 524
Re: Adventures in Norrath
(MikeD) - Mon 21/07/14 20:32 BST
Fun & Games
The DreamPlay Team presents: board games, word games and card games, sports and trivia.
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ACR: ACRO (1 viewing)
A game where players have to come up with original and amusing definitions of a given acronym
153 1021
Re: Round 20 - The Vote - ...
(Gypsy) - Today at 12:20
SPT: Sports
Discussion of sports and games of sport.
23 76
Re: Fantasy baseball
(Exeter) - Fri 15/03/13 22:10 GMT
TOG: Target & Other Games (3 viewing)
For all one off trivia quizzes
80 916
Re: Target Number 84 - Pos...
(Weez) - Today at 17:14
YTZ: Yahtzee! (2 viewing)
Play Yahtzee! on-line. Games starting regularly. Yahtzee and Triple Yahtzee are trademarks of Hasbro Inc. DreamLyrics is not affiliated with or approved by Hasbro Inc. in any way.
80 1939
Re: Yahtzee Ladder XXVI
(KenSeg) - 6 minutes 6 seconds ago
New Member Games
Games for new members to help them get started easily into our DreamLyrics Role-playing Community
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TWO - The Way Out
The Way Out is a tavern set in Sethayr, a town in a fantasy setting with a D&D flavour.
20 121
Re: TWO: Vagabond
(Exeter) - Tue 22/04/14 01:03 BST
The mists of enchantment. Role-playing games in the fantasy genre.
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AIN: Adventures in Norrath†
Minimum age restriction applies Unexpected Allies find themselves bound to each other. Can they survive each other let alone their enemies.
Subforums: AIN: Gallery
2 26
Re: 1.01 In Dire Need
(Mina) - Today at 10:24
CHR: Children of The Horned Rat
Death, Horror and Chaos in the Old World
47 8251
Re: CHR : The Last Battle?
(Exeter) - Tue 22/07/14 00:32 BST
GIA: Great Island Adventure
An expedition to the mysterious Great Island that no ship has dared braved to set sail to in over 300 years.
Subforums: GIA: Gallery
36 1435
Re: OOC Topics
(Dugan) - Sat 19/07/14 07:16 BST
HWD: The Heartwood
What makes a hero, what makes a villain? Do heroes truly step out of the whole cloth of a minstrel's tale or are they simply ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events? Take a walk upon The Heartwood and find out.
Subforums: HWD: Gallery
51 4930
Re: HWD: Midsummer's Day -...
(Gypsy) - Mon 21/07/14 21:06 BST
TBC: The Broken City†
Minimum age restriction applies The House has fallen. The City shattered. The Empire lost. Can you survive or even thrive in the chaotic remains of the great City? Find adventure in this gothic renaissance milieu.
84 3275
Re: TBC: Into the Woods. A...
(MikeD) - Today at 14:40
TVL: The Veil Lifted
In the Kingdom of Anglia, since time immemorial, the Kingdom had been all. There were the duchies, the baronies - the various places within the kingdom - but some miles off the coasts, there were the mists. And one did not go into the mists, because from the mists there were no return. There were rumors, and documents, of course - stories of what once was before the mists came, indeed, rumors that there was a time before the mists came. But those were, of course, rumors. The mists WERE and anyone who knew what was good for them believed in that. Because if you broke the King's Law - the mists were where you would go. But one day, the sun rose - and the Mists lifted ...
Subforums: TVL: Gallery
22 420
Re: A year later, all.
(KenSeg) - Tue 22/07/14 13:03 BST
WDA: Waterdeep Adventures†
Minimum age restriction appliesWelcome to the City of Splendors, Gateway to the Savage Frontier. Can a young group of hopeful adventurers make a name for themselves and save the home of the man who brought them together... before the Drow Princess claims them as her own?
73 4322
Re: WDA: 4b: The Greengras...
(Gypsy) - Thu 10/07/14 11:25 BST
YRTH: Yrth - Broken Arrow
For centuries, the history of Yrth has been shaped by the capricious activity of the Banestorm. But the most recent Banestorm arrivals may bring the most cataclysmic changes of all.
Subforums: YRTH: Gallery
18 348
Re: Singer's Green - Abbi ...
(Amadan) - Today at 17:07
Alternate Reality
Through the looking glass. For role-playing games set in alternate realities, post-apocalypse, super heroes, etc.
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AGF: KenSeg's All Games Forum† (1 viewing)
Minimum age restriction applies A home where players can play different genres in individual threads, all under the AGF umbrella.
Subforums: AGF: Gallery
30 5560
Re: AGF: Brandy/Alexander...
(Asta) - 3 minutes 56 seconds ago
BTS: Beyond the Shadows†
Minimum age restriction applies While the threat from the Shadow has been all but eliminated for another million and a half years, the Shadow-kin still hide among us. There will always be evil off which it can feed. It's not getting any less busy for super heroes.
69 1444
Re: Chris Adams Prologue: ...
(Nivek) - Mon 21/07/14 19:11 BST
LGO: Life Goes On†
Minimum age restriction applies Life. Every day you get up, get ready, see the kids off to school, go to work, dream of doing something different. Something. Anything but just sitting in that cubicle until your arteries hardened and your heart explodes and you die. Anything at all. But then Life Goes On.
Subforums: LGO: Gallery
28 4993
Re: LGO: Tara Lee Reynold...
(Raven) - 1 minute 47 seconds ago
LVV: Life In Victorian Village†
Minimum age restriction appliesSupernatural creatures are out of the closet and the world is changed forever.
120 33338
Re: LVV: Fur and Fae (Lars...
(AJ) - Today at 14:21
OUT: Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time, Princesses and Fairies, talking animals and happily ever after... No, not so fast. The Bloodking from Farawayland has unleashed the Evil Queens and their Goblin Lords... The Magic Kingdoms are in danger. The Princes rode out to face the Beast and never came back. It's the ladies turn now. Put on your big girl panties and go save the day!
Subforums: OUT: Gallery
18 769
Re: OUT: 3c: Flame and Fur...
(Barry Mulvihill) - Tue 15/07/14 12:30 BST
SEM: Southeast Mayhem†
Minimum age restriction appliesIn a world of heros and villains, where a virus can set your inner self free, what do you contain inside of you?
40 30138
Re: SEM: Danielle, Chapte...
(KenSeg) - Sun 13/07/14 16:58 BST
TFG: The Family Game
In the one true city of Amber, those of the royal family are born to immense power, timeless youth, and the ability to live without consequences anywhere in Shadow. However, life of eternal privilege makes only one game a consuming passion for the family of Amber. The game of intrigue. Only those who play it well will survive.
Subforums: TFG: Gallery
9 79
Re: OOC Thread
(MikeD) - Today at 15:59
TNL: The Northern Lights†
Minimum age restriction appliesGods of old are stir, threatening to wake and seize control of the world they consider theirs. Who will stop them?
36 26502
Re: TNL: The Romantic Week...
(KenSeg) - Tue 22/07/14 20:13 BST
Science Fiction
Beyond the stars. Science fiction role-playing, in any of a myriad of futures, near or far.
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T5D: The Five Doctors
The Doctor fights evil in five different incarnations, but is someone pulling the strings for all of them?
Subforums: T5D: Gallery
23 1834
Re: T5D: God Save the King...
(Barry Mulvihill) - Today at 15:26
TFS: The Fading Suns
It is the dawn of the 6th Millennium and by the will of God, the suns are fading. A new Dark Age has descended on humanity and Noble Houses rule the remaining Known Worlds, vying constantly for power with the might of the Celestial Church and ever cunning Merchant Guilds. The salvation of all life now rests on one question – what is causing the stars to fade?
68 2055
Re: Following the Unseen P...
(Gypsy) - Tue 22/07/14 13:30 BST
Down nightmare alley. Role-playing games of horror.
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JPT: Just Passing Through†
Minimum age restriction appliesA Forum for non-BCD games to play out temporary adult content topics.
83 3736
Re: Emergency Contact Info
(ividia) - Sun 04/05/14 00:01 BST
AHS: Angel Harbor Secrets†
Minimum age restriction applies Welcome to Angel Harbor! Somewhere between the glittering lights of Hollywood, and the setting sun is a sleepy little island with stories to tell and secrets to reveal. Old families, celebrities with new money, and a darkness that haunts them all. Everything collides in Angel Harbor. Can you survive a cursed island, backstabbing friends and family, and unexpected danger? Angel Harbor is a Daytime Trauma style soap opera with supernatural tones and elements.
Subforums: AHS: Gallery
34 769
Re: AHS: Ep 2 - May 18 (Ll...
(J-J Vomact) - Today at 14:40
TOM: The Ordinary Man
We plug away and make no fuss, Our feats are never crowned; And yet it's common coves like us who make the world go round. And as we steer a steady course by God's predestined plan, Hats off to that almighty Force: THE ORDINARY MAN.
Subforums: TOM: Gallery
17 405
Re: Chapter 4 - On to Égli...
(Gypsy) - Today at 12:50
Today and ages gone. Role-playing modern or historical drama.
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H2O: Just Add Water
If you are in the right place, at the right time... Magic can happen.
Subforums: H2O: Gallery
20 1270
Re: OOC for XYZ
(Phoenix Prime) - Mon 14/07/14 12:36 BST
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