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Mon 15/06/20 02:51 UTC
Mon 15/06/20 02:51 UTC
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 15,226
Weez Online content OP
Weez  Online Content OP
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 15,226
And I’m handing this back to Neil who scored a very nice 13 points! Mackey gets the Real Winner spot with 9

1. Special Elite Couch Operative
By nemarsde who voted for 2,7,8
3 points: Mina, AquaDyne, Dugan
2 points: Gryphon
1 point: Mackey, Tusk
Total: **13**

2. Solutions Expertly Cancel Obstacles.
By Mackey who voted for 6,5,1
3 points: nemarsde, Gypsy
2 points: Mina
1 point: AquaDyne
Total: 9

3. Serbia Elephant Conservation Officer (appointed)
By Tusk who voted for 7,8,1
1 point: Slufoot, Mina
Total: 2

4. Single Electron Creates Outage (orange hair to start)
By Slufoot who voted for 8,5,3
3 points: Gryphon
Total: 3

5. Squirrels Evade Canine Omnivores (by climbing trees!)
By AquaDyne who voted for 1,8,2
2 points: Mackey, Slufoot, Gypsy, Dugan
Total: 8

6. Sometimes Eat Caramel Oreos (but I do try to resist, honest!)
By Gypsy who voted for 2,5,7
3 points: Mackey
Total: 3

7. Sexy Entertainment Club Officer (listed on my CV during college)
By Dugan who voted for 1,5,9
3 points: Tusk
2 points: nemarsde
1 point: Gypsy, Gryphon
Total: 7

8. Squirrel Effortlessly Congas Often (and who doesn't love a dancing squirrel?)
By Gryphon who voted for 4,1,7
3 points: Slufoot
2 points: Tusk, AquaDyne
1 point: nemarsde
Total: 8

9. Special Edition Cosmopolitan Online (quiz: are you and your RPG too sexy for each other?)
By Mina who voted for 1,2,3
1 point: Dugan
Total: 1

Mon 15/06/20 07:56 UTC
Mon 15/06/20 07:56 UTC
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 10,987
nemarsde Offline

Wobbly Headed
nemarsde  Offline

Wobbly Headed
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 10,987

Well thanks guys. grin Looks like I'm on a hot streak.

Mon 15/06/20 13:20 UTC
Mon 15/06/20 13:20 UTC
Joined: May 2000
Posts: 65,047
Gypsy Offline

Gypsy  Offline

Joined: May 2000
Posts: 65,047
Takes a while to ease your way into the US mindset Neil, looks like you have done that! grin Well done & to Mackey also! smile

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