Seems just about everyone can relate to the fear of seeing a police car in their rearview mirror! Dugan runs away with the loot with 16 points! Mina takes a monster 12 points and happily skips away with the Real Winner spot.

1. Party Chimps Riot!
By Gypsy who voted for 6,3,4
2 points: Shamrock, Mina
1 point: Dugan
Total: 5

2. Perimeter Check Rally
By Mackey who voted for 4,5,3
1 point: Tusk, Shamrock
Total: 2

3. Playful Children's Recreation
By Shamrock who voted for 4,1,2
2 points: Dugan, Gypsy
1 point: Aqua, Mina, Mackey
Total: 7

4. Police Car (in) Rearview (mirror. Oh no!!!!)
By Dugan who voted for 6,3,1
3 points: Aqua, Shamrock, Mina, Mackey, Gryphon
1 point: Gypsy
Total: **16**

5. Paladins Chant Repeatedly (and thunderously smite their foes!)
By Aqua who voted for 4,6,3
2 points: Tusk, Mackey, Gryphon
Total: 6

6. Perfect Creation Rampages! (I should have learned from Frankenstein)
By Mina who voted for 4,1,3
3 points: Dugan, Gypsy, Tusk
2 points: Aqua
1 point: Gryphon
Total: 12

Tusk voted for 6,5,2
Gryphon voted for 4,5,6