Gypsy’s faithful dogs ran away with it! Aqua’s celebration of our online home got him the Real Winner spot.

1. Dogs, Truly Faithful Animals
By Gypsy who voted for 6,3,4
3 points: Aqua, Dugan, Mina
1 point: Gryphon, Shamrock, Mackey
Total: **12**

2. Drafted Teen Flees (from the) Army
By Shamrock who voted for 6,5,1
Total: 0 ☹

3. DreamLyrics™: Twenty Fabulous Annums!
By AquaDyne who voted for 1,4,6
3 points: Gryphon
2 points: Gypsy, Mackey
1 point: Dugan, Mina
Total: 9

4. Dinosaurs Trust Fake Acros (COMET was an ACRO, too),
By Mackey who voted for 5,3,1
2 points: Aqua, Duan
1 point: Gypsy
Total: 5

5. Duplicating Tribbles (causes) Fur Accumulation (in Jefferies tube)
By Dugan who voted for 1,4,3
3 points: Mina, Mackey
2 points: Shamrock
Total: 8

6. Disney's Truly Fantastic Adventures! (only at the happiest place on Earth!)
By Mina who voted for 1,5,3
3 points: Gypsy, Shamrock
1 point: Gryphon, Aqua
Total: 8

Gryphon picked 3,1,6