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FAQ - Accessing DL via a phone

Posted By: Gypsy

FAQ - Accessing DL via a phone - Fri 03/05/19 16:40 UTC

[Posted by Phoenix Prime to help a member. Copied here with his permission as I thought it might help others smile Thanks PP! ]

I have a samsung G8 and my suggestions are based around that. They should work for any android style phone, give or take some device variation)-

I bought up DL, went to yahtzee forum and could see all three panes (Left sidebar, center main pane, right sidebar). In fact the screen on my phone looks just like the forum view i have when I am on my desktop here at work/ or at home. so the dice rollers are in the left hand sidebar.

Sorry if I am oversimplifying this, but I need to lay the groundwork for this... if you only see the main center pane with the threads themselves... and NO 'Who's Online Now' on the left or NO 'Member Spotlight' avatar on the right... then your phone is giving you the 'mobile version' only. you need to change that setting to 'Desktop Version'.

To do this you need to locate the browser's menu (not a dreamlyrics menu/setting- you need the settings link for the browser). It often appear as 3 horizontal lines in a top menu bar or a bottom menu bar, depending on the phone itself.

[Linked Image]

Again, depending on the phone you are using this could vary- but the important part is you need to locate the browser's menu options- in an android phone this floating bar appears when you are scrolling the screen. In mine when I am scrolling down it forces the menu to show up at the bottom.

On this bar you will also see an icon to bring up your bookmarks, and one to go to browser home page, and another to to open extra tabs. you are looking for 3 horizontal bar one.

If you see it, tap it.

It brings up a menu of options for the browser. If you are in the mobile version you will see an option for desktop version. This is a toggle. If you are already in desktop it will say mobile version.

Again, if you are in the mobile version, then switch to desktop version and you should see the DL site just as you would on your home/work computer

I hope this helps!

Posted By: nemarsde

Re: Accessing DL via a phone - Fri 03/05/19 19:02 UTC

Did you know that three horizontal bar symbol is called the hamburger? smile

On some phones (like mine) it gets narrowed into three vertical dots.
Posted By: Gypsy

Re: Accessing DL via a phone - Sat 04/05/19 11:27 UTC

Hamburger? Yes I can see that smile
Posted By: nemarsde

Re: Accessing DL via a phone - Sat 04/05/19 12:05 UTC

I mean, technically it looks like a double cheeseburger to me, but I guess that name wasn't as catchy. jk
Posted By: Exeter

Re: Accessing DL via a phone - Sat 04/05/19 15:51 UTC

I always thought it looked like a Big Mac... smile
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