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FAQ - displaying site on your phone

Posted By: Gypsy

FAQ - displaying site on your phone - Fri 13/07/18 12:41 UTC

If you have issues getting the site to display properly on your phone, try this:

With the browser open and Dreamlyrics on the screen - tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner(the symbol for a menu) and on that dropdown menu is an option to 'request desktop site'- tap that and there you go- the full DL page as you expect it. This menu option is a toggle so if you look at it again it will say 'request mobile site'.
Posted By: Phoenix Prime

Re: FAQ - displaying site on your phone - Fri 13/07/18 13:17 UTC

Please note- this bit of help works on the Galaxy S series phones (S7,S8,S9) but might also work on other Android phones, or there might be some minor differences in how navigate the menus to get the desired results. As for IPhones, I have no idea... but maybe there is a similar process in the IPhone browser menus to achieve this if it is even an issue there.

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