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Posted By: Pete Hat Yahtzee Rules - Mon 15/10/01 20:03 UTC
The rules

Playing the game
  1. Each player rolls 5 6-sided dice each turn.
  2. After they roll, they can decide to score what they have, or re-roll any or all of the 5 dice to try and get a better throw.
  3. If they re-roll, they can again choose to score or re-roll again any or all of the 5 dice.
  4. After the player's third roll they must stop and score their throw.
  5. To score a throw the player must choose which box on the scoresheet to fill in, even if the resulting score for that box is 0.
  6. After everyone has had their turn, you then repeat the process.
  7. The game ends when all players have filled in all boxes on their scoresheet.
  8. The player with the highest number of points at the end wins.
  1. There are 13 boxes on each players scoresheet.
  2. A player must fill in one box each turn, and cannot fill in any box more than once.
  3. If a player cannot score anything with his throw, he must choose any empty box and score 0 in it.
  4. There are two sections on the score sheet, the Top Section and the Bottom section.
  5. The Top Section contains six boxes.

    Ones - Score the total of all 1s

    Twos - Score the total of all 2s

    Threes - Score the total of all 3s

    Fours - Score the total of all 4s

    Fives - Score the total of all 5s

    Sixes - Score the total of all 6s

    In each box you score the total of only the dice of a particular number. For example, if you roll 1,1,4,4,6 you could score 2 in the Ones box, 8 in the Fours box, or 6 in the Sixes box. You want to try and score an average of at least 3 dice in each box to get the bonus [see below].
  6. The Bottom Section contaions 7 boxes.

    3 of a kind - Any roll with 3 (or more) dice the same. Score the total of all 5 dice.

    4 of a kind - Any roll with 4 (or more) dice the same. Score the total of all 5 dice.

    Small Straight - Any roll with 4 (or more) dice in sequence (e.g 1,2,3,4 or 2,3,4,5). Score 30 points.

    Large Straight - Any roll with 5 dice in sequence (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5 or 2,3,4,5,6). Score 40 points.

    Full House - Any roll with 3 dice of one number and 2 with another (e.g. 1,1,1,4,4). Score 25 points.

    Yahtzee - All five dice the same. Score 50 points.

    Chance - Any roll at all. Score total of all 5 dice.
Special Rules and Bonuses
  • Top Section bonus - If you score 63 points in the Top Section, you get a bonus of 35 points. 63 points equates to an average of 3 dice scoring in each box.
  • Joker Rules - If you throw a Yahtzee and you have already entered a score in your Yahtzee box (even a zero) you score the throw as follows:

    If you have not filled in the appropriate box in the Top Section you must score all 5 dice there.

    If you have filled in the appropriate box in the Top Section you can score the throw in any box in the Bottom Section as if you had rolled the correct dice for that box.
  • Yahtzee Bonus - If you throw a Yahtze and you have scored a Yahtzee previously in your Yahtzee box (i.e not 0), you also score a bonus of 100 points. This is in addition to scoring the second (or subsequent) Yahtzee using the Joker rules above.
Posted By: Pete Hat Re: Yahtzee Rules - Tue 16/10/01 22:39 UTC
On-line playing procedures and rules

[*]There is no need to take turns as such, but it is a makes things easier to follow if you wait until one round is fully played and scored before proceeding to the next.

[*]To roll the dice

* Go to the dice roller (there is a link at the top of the each page)

* Type in your DreamPlay Userid and Password

* The character name field can be left blank - it will default to your user id.

* Type Initial Roll (or similar) in the Action Description Field

* Type 1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6,1d6 in the Dice Roll field.

* Type Game x Turn y in the Turn field to identify which game and turn you are rolling for.

* Click Submit

[*]To do re-rolls, just press the back button on your browser, and do the same thing with the following exception :

* Type Re-rolling x,y,..z in the Action Description field. You must identify which dice you are re-rolling or the moderator may ask you to re-play your rolls.

* Make sure you type the correct number of dice in the Dice Roll field (e.g. when re-rolling 3 dice, type 1d6,1d6,1d6).

[*]When you've finished rolling, post your final dice rolls and which box you want to score it in the game thread

[*]The games moderator can see everyone's dice rolls and will verify they are what the player has posted. Another sysop or a co-moderator will verify the moderator's rolls.

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Posted By: Pete Hat Re: Yahtzee Rules - Wed 24/10/01 11:01 UTC
Triple Yahtzee

Triple Yahtzee is played exactly the same as ordinary Yahtzee with the following variations:

[*]Each column on the score sheet is shown 3 times for each player, so each player has a total of 39 boxes to fill in instead of 13.

[*]Boxes in the first column of each player's scoresheet score the same as in ordinary Yahtzee.

[*]Boxes in the second column have the score doubled.

[*]Boxes in the third column have the score tripled.

[*]The target scores to get the Top Section bonus are doubled and tripled as well, i.e. 63 points in column 1, 126 points in column 2, and 189 points in column 3.

[*]The Top Section bonuses are doubled and tripled too, i.e. 35 points for column 1, 70 points for column 2 and 105 points for column 3.

[*]2nd and subsequent Yahtzees must be scored

* First, in the three Yahtzee boxes
* Second, in the appropriate Top Section box if not already filled
* Third, in the Bottom Section as a Joker

[*]2nd and subsequent Yahtzees also qualify for Yahtzee bonuses

* a 2nd or 3rd Yahtzee scored in the first column's Yahtzee box scores a bonus of 100

* a 2nd or 3rd Yahtzee scored in the second column's Yahtzee box scores a bonus of 200

* a 2nd or 3rd Yahtzee scored in the third column's Yahtzee box scores a bonus of 300

* a 4th and subsequent Yahtzee scores a bonus of 300 provided that all three Yahtzee boxes have scores (not 0) in them.
Posted By: Pete Hat Re: Yahtzee Rules - Wed 24/10/01 11:08 UTC
Painted Yahtzee

Please note these rules are published here for completeness. Painted Yahtzee games are not yet offered in DreamPlay because our dice roller doesn;t yet do coloured dice.

Painted Yahtzee is just like standard Yahtzee except that the dice are coloured, so additional boxes on the scoresheet are provided for the following colour combinations:

  • Red - Total of red dice
  • Yellow - Total of yellow dice
  • Green - Total of green dice
  • Blue - Total of blues dice
  • Purple - Total of purple dice
  • Four of a Color - Same as Four of a Kind but with colours
  • Painted House - Same as Full House but with colours
  • Rainbow - Same as Large Straight but must have 1 dice of each colour
  • Flush - Same as Yahtzee but all dice must be of the same colour
  • Palette - Same as Chance
Posted By: Blaze Re: Yahtzee Rules - Wed 24/10/01 11:13 UTC
Sound neat. never heard of it before but we could have fun if you figure it out.
Posted By: Pete Hat Re: Yahtzee Rules - Wed 24/10/01 11:26 UTC
Actually, it's just a matter of time to update the dice roller script to add in a new type of dice - dpy or the like. I'll add it to the list of things to do.
Posted By: Pete Hat Re: Yahtzee Rules - Fri 01/02/02 21:14 UTC
Hi folks,

I noticed something recently in Game 17 and it raised some questions in my mind, so I thought I'd better air them. [Linked Image]

It concerns the situation when someone has two goes at the same time. In game 17 it didn't make any difference as things turned out, but as both a moderator and a player I thought it might be an idea to establish some guidelines for when it happens again.

I think that if it does happen, then the player should have their 2nd go at a turn count as their next turn. I.E., if they roll two turns 3, the second one should count as their turn 4.

However, if they did it by mistake and ended up going for the same thing (quite likely if it's toward the end of the game), that's not really fair on them. So in that case I think that the should be allowed to retake the 2nd go. But as a last proviso, this should be at the discretion of the moderator (because otheriwse it would be open to abuse).

I think this is generally how everyone has been playing anyway, but better to lay out guidelines now than have an argument later.

Does that seem fair to everyone?
Posted By: Blaze Re: Yahtzee Rules - Fri 01/02/02 22:46 UTC
As someone that's done that I think it's fare. In my case it was for the same thing and a honest mistake. It was pretty obvious when the second roll was lower than the first set of rolls.

Thanks pete
Posted By: Weez Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 02/02/02 00:04 UTC
Thanks Pete - sounds right to me. I had both cases happen to me since I've been moderating (as I'm sure you noticed.) It is good to have a guideline so the moderators don't have to make an objective (or objectionable!) decision each time.

Posted By: Gypsy Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 02/02/02 14:10 UTC
Agreed.. and generally moderators will have to make decisions when things go wrong. I had a situation where Kit rerolled a third turn by mistake having achieved what she wanted in her second roll. She very fairly accepted her mistake.. but I thought she should have the benefit of the doubt and asked the other players. If everyone in the game is happy with the decision then no problem.. but that may not always be the case.. so guidelines are helpful [Linked Image]

...Gypsy (Wizop)

Posted By: Anonymous Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 02/02/02 16:08 UTC
sounds good to me.

Posted By: Ilyanna Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 02/02/02 16:25 UTC
It's so easy to make that kind of mistake. I know, it's what I worry about when we post out of order. I keep checking two and three times to make sure I have the right game and right turn.

Good guideline, Pete.
Posted By: Kit Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 02/02/02 18:35 UTC
Great guideline, Pete. And since I made the mistake, I can attest how easy it is to make the mistake, especially when playing 4 games at once. [Linked Image]

Posted By: Gypsy Re: Yahtzee Rules - Thu 14/09/06 11:55 UTC
I have a question.

Alduin has just scored an extra yahtzee and has used that particular number in the top section. He is electing to use it as 4 of a kind. Now the rules say you can use the roll to fill in a box in the bottom section as if you had rolled the correct dice.

He rolled 33333.

Now if he was electing to take a high straight that would mean essentially he is changing four of those dice to something else.

Now if I could follow that same rule on four of a kind, I would elect to change them all to 6s, thereby scoring 30 points. Personally I think this is fair but wanted to see what the rest of you thought. smile
Posted By: Weez Re: Yahtzee Rules - Thu 14/09/06 16:02 UTC
Well, that can be kind of a gray area I guess looking at it the way you have. The straights are the only ones for which a person wouldn't have actually rolled the correct dice. All the other lower section boxes are covered by throwing a Yahtzee. I've always scored the actual dice unless the player wants to use a straight as that was my interpretation of the intent, but I never really thought about it the way you have, with the dice all becoming wild cards, so to speak.

Not sure that any of that helps you.

Posted By: Argus Re: Yahtzee Rules - Fri 15/09/06 03:09 UTC
According to the actual rules at the Hasbro site, a Yahtzee scored as a Joker in the lower section follows the normal scoring for the box chosen.<blockquote id="quote"><hr>

3 of a Kind: Total of all 5 dice
4 of a Kind: Total of all 5 dice
Full House: 25 points
Small Straight: 30 points
Large Straight: 40 points
Chance: Total of all 5 dice

<hr></blockquote id="quote"> http://www.hasbro.com/default.cfm?page=cs_instructions&letter=Y
Posted By: Weez Re: Yahtzee Rules - Fri 15/09/06 04:33 UTC
I thought about the official rules but didn't think to go look them up. Thanks Argus.

Posted By: Gypsy Re: Yahtzee Rules - Sat 23/09/06 15:14 UTC
OK, that'll do me. Just wanted to check, thanks! smile
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