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CFMA Results

Posted By: Mackey Mouse

CFMA Results - Sun 08/03/20 21:52 UTC

Well, it was a close finish, but Weez put on a late burst of speed and outdistanced both Aquadyne and Gypsy with her 11 points. Aquadyne and Gypsy are the real winners with 9 each and our Leprechaun Elf, Shamrock, comes in with 8. Newcomer Neil (nemarsde) put up a remarkable 6, followed by Mina's 5, Dugan's 4 and Gryphon's 2. Tedted says it's a good thing we don't have cleanup duty for the last place finisher, as Slufoot was the only player who did not garner a single point. sad

1 California Football Meets Argentina’s (futbol) Slufoot, no votes

2 Can't Find More Answers (sometimes 'I don't know' is all you got!) Gryphon, voted 7,4,5; votes from Gypsy and Weez, 1 each

3 Can't Find My Ass (it seems as I get older) the def I would have submitted had I been playing instead of dealing, came from Dugan who voted 4,6,7; votes from Neil (3) and Shamrock (1)

4 Cheese For Mackey? Always! (Mice need to eat!) thanks for thinking of me, Aquadyne! Voted for 9,5,6; votes from Dugan (3), Slufoot, Gypsy, Shamrock (2 each)

5 Child Free Meals(for) Adults how I wish most nicer restaurants were, and I'm glad Shamrock agrees! Voted for 8,4,3; votes from Slufoot (3), Aquadyne and Gypsy (2 each) and Gryphon (1)

6 Chocolate For Me Always! and it goes great with Cheese, Gypsy!!! Voted for 8,5,2; votes from Weez (3), Dugan and Neil (2 each), Aquadyne and Mina (1 each)

7 Combat Frog Martial Arts I loved this def and Neil should have gotten more points. voted for 3,6,8; votes from Gryphon (3), Mina (2) and Dugan (1)

8 Crazy Felines = Maximum Amusement Weez must think cats are good for us mousies sad. Voted for 6,9,2; votes from Shamrock, Gypsy, Mina (3 each), Slufoot, Neil (1 each)

9 Creating Fantastic & Marvelous Acroyms (we all do such a good job!) we do, don't we, Mina! grin Voted for 8,7,6 votes from Aquadyne (3), Weez (2)

I took this deal as I owed Weez one from the last round. I don't know if it's recorded anywhere for the same player to win 2 consecutive rounds in the same game. But I'm sure she will let us know when she posts the next acro.

Not exactly the way to start off having lost an hour of sleep, eh, scoresmommie??? grin
Posted By: Mina

Re: CFMA Results - Sun 08/03/20 22:17 UTC

Wow nice job guys!
Posted By: Gypsy

Re: CFMA Results - Mon 09/03/20 14:31 UTC

Thanks! smile Glad you won Weez, bet Aqua is too! grin
Posted By: Weez

Re: CFMA Results - Mon 09/03/20 15:05 UTC

Well it seems only appropriate that I get the next deal since Mackey gifted me that round. smile New one coming up soon.
Posted By: nemarsde

Re: CFMA Results - Mon 09/03/20 20:28 UTC

Go team! grin

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Gypsy

Re: CFMA Results - Tue 10/03/20 11:25 UTC

Seems we have a cheerleader <in the same tone as Sean Bean's 'They have a cave troll'> grin
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