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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Mon 30/03/20 21:10 UTC
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YTZ: Yahtzee!
Mon 30/03/20 21:07 UTC
Turn 9

1st Roll -- 2 5 2 6 4 -- Rerolling 5 6 4
2nd Roll -- 2 2 6 4 5 -- But I just threw those away! Rerolling them again - 6 4 5
3rd Roll -- 2 2 5 1 2 -- That's acceptable. 2s in column 2.

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SKT: The Storm King's Thunder
Mon 30/03/20 20:16 UTC

"Guarded." The Dragonborn affirmed. "He gave up the bare minimum of information, was diligent and careful. Good attributes in a watchman keeping an eye on a place we would want kept safe, even if temporarily inconvenient. Competent command above, to put him there. His affiliation remains unstated, be it the town or the coster. No appeal to a higher authority made."
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Mon 30/03/20 19:47 UTC
Happy to save you, Mackey. wink
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General Discussion
Mon 30/03/20 19:16 UTC
I think I've got everything except Q8, but that one is doing my head in!
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Game Forum Requests
Mon 30/03/20 17:07 UTC
It certainly 'sets a mood' <g>
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Mon 30/03/20 14:51 UTC
It isn't =just= an iPad thing. I have run into that with my Win 7 machine <shrug>
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Mon 30/03/20 12:58 UTC
PMd smile

Facilitated Our Messaging Options! wink
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Films/TV etc
Mon 30/03/20 12:51 UTC
Well I have now watched 4 episodes.. and I love it! luv Tusk too. Yes I love Tusk too but I mean he loves Picard.

The differences between us Neil is that I have an accepting mind, rather than an analytical one. Picard was my favourite Captain whereas you liked Kirk.

And this series seems to be Star Trek with grit! Bring it on! grin
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Books & Reading
Mon 30/03/20 12:43 UTC
No problem. smile If I remember I managed only one or two pages a day.. bit laborious!
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